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I lived in Pottstown and went through the school district, the schooling wasn't bad but there are some problems with students
Very safe, affordable but a Lot of Taxes :(. Only concern would be paying high taxes. life is better than other suburbs than in Pennsylvania. Public Schools are not that Great, But if you can pay for Private schools its great. Private schools are really great in this area.
I loved living here for my whole life, and met many great friends. My family and I have enjoyed being here, and many of our friends enjoyed our company. We had parties, get-togethers, sleepovers, and vacationed together. You can't get a tighter group than us. Our neighbors are moving away next month, and we are very sad to see them go. My first 20 years of my life are irreplaceable.
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Pottstown has a lot of potential - but poverty, lack of education, and crime mire it, holding its citizens back from reaching their true potential. We live here and believe that life here will get better, not only for us, but for the other citizens too.
It is somewhat family-friendly, and many job opportunities within the area. The public schools are not bad, I would recommend Owen J Roberts Middle and High School for a safe and friendly learning environment. I am a current resident of Pottstown, I have been living here for almost a year now. I would say that the safety is about average, as well as the diversity levels. The nightlife can be a bit unsafe, depending on the specific area, but you could say that about and area. There's usually a good amount of job opportunities, and there's almost always somebody looking if you are in need of employment options. I would rate my overall experience with Pottstown as average. This is because It's not anything special, but there's nothing too harsh to say about it on the flip side. After moving, I have adjusted just fine, and have been enjoying my overall experience.
Pottstown has its advantages and disadvantages. Growing up here I made a few friends that I've had for a long time. However, there had been multiple shootings and other incidents that make this town an unsafe place to live in.
High street is cute if you’re just passing through, but there’s a lot of violence at night and especially on that street. It’s a dangerous area at night and I wish to see that change
Pottstown is a very weird place because it's literally split in half. On one side, you have the area with great schools, nice homes, and high availability of stores. On the other side of the bridge, you have under-resourced schools, crime, and homes that aren't in good condition. It's really an odd form of segregation and I think people need to talk about it.
Pottstown is full of potential. Sure, there is crime and a somewhat "bad" part of town, but it's nothing that you shouldn't expect from a more urban area. Everything is walking distance away and there is an (albeit late occasionally) available bus line for those who can't make it on foot. The town isn't the cleanest nor the absolute best place to spend your time, but it's getting there, and I'm excited for its future
Living in Pottstown has two sides in my opinion. Some parts are nice and family friendly and others appear to be very sketchy and have a lot of crime on a daily basis. I live here because it is more affordable then other areas but still rather high.
Pottstown can be a rough neighborhood at times. One time in the middle of the night I heard gun shots or fireworks. I hoped it was fireworks.
Pottstown is a beautiful small town with amazing nature and rich history. My family has lived here for generations, and their lasting impact still remains here today. My hopes is someday it will be less dangerous and unsafe for women alone and for crime to be stopped. I also have high hopes for there to be more community involvement and service opportunities.
Pottstown is about an hour outside of Philadelphia. The town is very diverse, but not always the safest place to be.
What I like the most about Pottstown is the schools system and how connected the community is. What I dislike the most about Pottstown is the amount you pay to live in Pottstown. My dad pays way more to live in Pottstown compared to when we lived in Philadelphia.
The school that is associated with y neighborhood is Spring-Ford, which a very spirited school and I consider myself lucky to live in this area. Along with the Premium outlets and Costco, which are about 5 minutes from my house is a great convenience.
Pottstown is pretty average. There is a few fun things to do, some cool places to go. I have lived here most of my life and have enjoyed it. Everywhere is within a good distance. Can get to the grocery store or the movies within the same amount of time. Lots of Wawas, which is always a plus.
My experience with Pottstown, is the fact that it needs a good business to start up that brings jobs, and new ways to the town. There are many issues in town, but not any that can not be fixed, or somewhat changed.
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Pottstown crime is horrible. I don't live there anymore but it was horrible. I'd hear shootings going on in Pottstown every single day. Not to mention that there was a pit bull attack on my street. This place absolutely sucks.
I live in Chester countyI live on the North Coventry side of Pottstown. Pottstown is split between two counties, Montgomery and Chester counties. I'm in Chester county. The area is surrounded by country. The neighborhoods are peaceful. I am comfortable saying the area is safe. The drive to the high school is very diverse. You may pass a couple apartment buildings & small houses. You will also pass large homes and farms. The children all play in the yards and parks. You will always see families
Born and raised in Pottstown not to mention I graduated from the same high-school as my mom and dad. Great small community-oriented town who supports one another. Sport driven town.
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