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Great hometown. Sort of a sleepy area while still having lots of historical attractions and things to do. Has some crappy areas but also some beautiful high-end areas as well as calm sleepy suburbs. Olde Town is a bustling downtown area by the water.
I like the people in Portsmouth. I would change the tolls that people have to pay to enter the city. Portsmouth needs job opoortunities. There is no major call center or job opportunities in the city. We have the shipyard but that is not enough. The city crime rate needs to go down too. We ned more diversity and opportunities to succeed in Portsmouth. We need new leadership. Its the same people doing the same things for decades.
Not the best place to live. Night Life is average. Schools aren’t good. I have lived here for over two years and definitely ready to move out of this city. If your are in the military it’s better for you to live here because of the navy hospital and the shipyard.
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In Portsmouth, we are very proud of where we come from. I attended I.C. Norcom High School and at that school, I learned what pride is and what it means to me. My parents still live in Portsmouth while I am away at college. I try to visit as much as possible and see the teachers who helped me on my journey to where I am now.
Depending on what part of Portsmouth you are in, you can really have a good time and be safe. They have been revitalizing downtown by renovating old buildings and providing really good restaurants and different kinds of attractions for the 30 something crowd. It is family oriented and you have access to the ferry to take you across to Norfolk and Waterside and see the sights on that side as well. But if you waiver to the other side of Portsmouth at night, you need to be on guard and cautious and the drugs are out and the abandoned buildings lay waste.
Large plots of land . Low land prices. Some large parks and ample water or beach front property. Easy access to Norfolk and the interstate system.
Portsmouth is an okay place to live, not too great, but not too bad either. The crime is a bit high here but I've been okay. There are some nice little places here like my favorite used bookstore, but it is a bit boring here.
Portsmouth is a very diverse city that offers a lot within itself. There are many activities and events for families with children. The city is rather inexpensive to live in, compared to neighboring towns. Portsmouth is very close to the larger cities of Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach.
Depending on the neighborhood you live in, Portsmouth is great. My mother has been living in Churchland all of her adult life and she loves it. Now there are certain parts of Portsmouth that are worse than others but you have that with every city. Just try to stay away from the project areas and schools related to them. Also stay away from Stone Ridge Apts.
I live in the Cavalier Manor section of Portsmouth. This area tends to get a pretty poor reputation; however, the area in which I live has an extremely low crime rate and is full of home owners who have lived in the neighborhood for over 10 years. Overall, every city has its good and bad aspects- Portsmouth is no different. Be that as it may, this city has a lot of good, family friendly locations and activities. I encourage people to not feed into the negativity and explore Portsmouth for themselves.
I love the history and the accessibility to stores. Downtown is very nice and has something to do for everyone.
I have lived in Portsmouth, Virginia for about 4 months now. I don't have any problems in my neighborhood. The Portsmouth police patrols the area 24/7. Its very quiet and the neighborhood is nice. What I do like about Portsmouth is the convenient stores. Everything you need around you is there. Now, what I don't like is the tolls I work in Virginia Beach/Norfolk,Virginia & its very expensive to go over the bridge or through the tunnel when you need to.
Portsmouth is a very diverse city that lacks general safety is many areas. The interstate is very close by and gets you throughout Portsmouth quickly with moderate traffic. There are not many job opportunities unless you would like to work at a fast food chain.
Portsmouth is a close knit town full of hard workers. It is slowly developing, creating positive businesses and areas to socialize. Portsmouth unfortunately still needs to work on cutting down crime. The downtown area is improving in terms of opening up businesses, but there are still many empty office/business spaces. It contributes to a run-down unsafe feeling at times
Portsmouth has a lot of history. The city does offer job opportunities which include the 2 Naval Shipyards located within the city that offer many job opportunities along with easy access to Newport News Shipyard located in Newport News Va. If ones is interested in furthering their education there are several colleges an university located with just a short drive. There is Old Dominion University, Regent University, Tidewater Community College and Norfolk State University just to name a few.
Its a nice place to live with your family. Its comfortable and a beautiful city. There is plenty of family activities you could do like the water front, children's museum, and splash park. There are plenty of food places too.
What I like about Portsmouth is that it is central to most of the neighboring cities . What I would like to change about it is that I would add more recreational places that are family-oriented. It makes it very difficult when you have to go quite a distance outside of your city/community in order to have fun with family (other than the park, small restaurants, and a few museums). Also, it would be more cost-effective if Portsmouth residents were able to avoid tunnel tolls. The workforce could also use growth to accommodate the rising costs of living. Portsmouth is a pleasant place to live, overall, as we residents are like a family. Most people know someone who knows someone else mutually.
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Portsmouth is ok, at the most its ot the safest place or the worst. The public schools are not that good, students are not being challenged enough with studies. Over all too much money is going into sports programs instead of the childrens education.
Portsmouth is a very homey town with a quiet community. Everyone I've met here has welcomed my family with open arms. I'm glad to be able to stay in the area for a while.
This is a nice little town. I has it's rough neighborhoods, but it has good ones too. There are good people in the city government that are working hard to make it a great place to live. The cost of living is much lower than the surrounding cities.
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