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Portland is a small town usually everybody knows everyone if you have lived there a long time. For the most part people try to help one another. You can go to bed and leave your unlocked and not worry about someone coming in. The schools are excellent, I made sure all 4 of my kids graduated from the same high school( Portland High School). Portland has grown tremously in the years, first of all its known for all the factories on Kirby Road. We now even have a Taco Bell and Dairy Queen lol. I would like to see a Walmart and a few sit down restaurants be opened. For insistence, O Charlie's, Logan's and maybe a few more.
I've lived here my entire life. However, there is not much to do. Between the limited amenities and small town politics, Portland is not a very happening town. On the plus side, it is cozy.
There is not much to do as far as activities. It is a small town with few people. Not very many opportunities.
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I love my hometown Portland. It's conveniently located just north of Nashville, yet it's got that small town feel. There's an awesome library where I go to study. We don't have a lot of crime and I don't know of any gangs. There's a vintage gift shop called occasions. They sell lovely jewelry and clothing. Another boutique has homemade soaps! Our strawberry festival is charming and loads of fun. I'm happy here.
It's a good town to leave with lots of growth and potential. Great community with access to popular areas without having to live in the middle of the congestion.
Nice location convenient to major thoroughfares yet still able to maintain a little distance from all the commotion
A small town really comes together in time of need. Portland definitely shows how a community should act together, and it is a very hospitable place to go through.
Portland is a growing town that has a relatively small group of things to do. We have a few parks, several fast food restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, and various other retail stores. It is a pretty small town, and it can be overwhelming sometimes.
place is fairly safe, not really worried on my neighborhood.
where I live it is a small town in the country side of TN. it is very peaceful and the neighbors are great. the area is peaceful and it is so simple to just go for a drive around the countryside without experiencing too much traffic.
There is not enough in this area for the children to do. They have nothing to occupy them, with parents working so much and not taking time for their children, leaving them to find things to do on their own. Alot of the children in this area get in trouble because they have no guidence from their peers. I would like to see more recreational things geared towards teens in the area.
Fishing, hunting and other related activities.
Tax payer money is put to waste, especially in our doctors offices and preschools.
Police are only concerned about hiding places to pull over young adults. They are never anywhere to be found alone either. It is usually two or three together.
We never have too bad of weather in Portland.
Every restaurant around here has horrible customer service, except for our local sonic.
Under payed and treated horribly!
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Things have been repaired at the rate of growth of my community. Some abuse powers in high levels of government and ignore the taxpayers.
The housing rates from government property to decent middle class houses. Houses for the upperclass are rare.
Drugs make this town have the biggest issue in crime and safety but not much else affects the environment of this town.
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