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I love Portland, it's where I grew up. I love the weather and all the places. However, there are some issues with it. I have noticed that there is an increase in homelessness, which is very sad.
Being born and raised in Portland, I will always consider it home. There is lots to do, beautiful nature, and great food. The people are really nice as well, and it is relatively safe in most areas. In the last few years, Portland has become quite trendy and expensive.
Portland has great character and is a perfect place to live. The smallest of the big cities has everything you need from a great food scene, good schools and very nice people.
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I love the diversity you find through the city - the food, languages, experiences, and opportunity. The grey/rain are oppressive.
I was raised in Portland and I've watched it change into what it is today. I believe the community has improved immensely and so have the businesses in my surrounding area. I am very happy to call this city my home.
I love Portland. "Funky" is alive and well. If you're like me and want a lot of options for things to do, but also the option to live a slower pace of live compared to SF, Chicago, NYC, etc., then you might fall in love with Portland. Be ready for very left-leaning politics. Portland definitelty prioritizes sustainability and the local economy. I love this! You don't see big box stores or billboards for banks - you see local family-owned businesses, and billboards for the SPCA. Wonderful food scene, excellent if you're at all interested in vegetarian, vegan, or health-focused foods.

Major drawbacks: it's getting more expensive, and there's extremely little diversity here.
I like seeing all the political activity happening here. So many innovating projects relating to art are highly promoted.
Portland is awesome there is everything that you need to have fun! Only downfall is the weather, not a lot sun in winter.
I like how diverse southeast Portland is with its refugee and immigrants population. When I moved here, I was blown away with Oregon’s nature. I a a huge nature lover and living in Portland allowed me to explore Oregon’s beauty.
I really love the culture here in Portland, however, I think the homeless population is a big issue that needs to be addressed. Other than that, Portland is a wonderful city with so much spunk and uniqueness.
There is a lot of diversity in Portland. We are very eco-friendly and the community encourages environment friendly practices. Downtown is bustling everyday with tons of places to explore, like Pioneer Place, or Powell's Bookstore. One thing that I'd like to change though is just the "interesting" characters there are here (homeless people and drug addicts), but that's everywhere and not just in Portland.
I love Portland. I have lived here for 11 years with my family, and I have found a great many open and loving communities here.
Portland is a very liberal and accepting city. Especially in downtown, there is a fair amount of quirky shops and events. People in Portland are not afraid to express themselves, often in bold and quirky ways.
I've grown up in Portland and in many ways I love living here. Portland is an exciting city where creativity and the natural beauty of the surrounding environment are valued. But as more people have moved to Portland, more new buildings have gone up and the cost of living has increased. In short, this has lead to gentrification and a lack of affordable housing which has contributed to the increase in Portland's homeless population. I think the experience of living in Portland would be greatly improved if there were more focus put on solving this housing crisis.
Portland is a beautiful city, although the weather could be kind of disturbing at times because of rain.
Portland offers lots to do when it comes down to food; top class restaurants, food carts, and desserts galore! The city is extremely walk able and offers easy to use public transportation if that's what you prefer. However, the homeless problem cannot go unnoticed- which may detour people from particular parts of the city.
Portland has become a city centered around art with many internship opportunities regarding the subject.
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I love everything about Portland. I grew up here and I will probably continue to live here, hopefully in the future it is more diverse as it is mostly populated with caucasians.
I love living here, but the city is changing fast with the massive influx of Californians. Thinks are getting gentrified and yupified and its just not the weird city it once was. I likely will be priced out in the next couple years. If not that, the culture everyone thinks they're moving here for will be gone in 5.
I've lived in Portland my entire life so I can't really compare it to other places. I'm a city girl so Downtown Portland would be my favorite spot. I really enjoy being around people and the city offers so many places to visit/eat. That is also one of the reason why I chose to attend Portland State University. If there is one complaint, in my opinion, would probably be the weather. It does rain here quite often so thats one of the downsides but overall I recommend coming to Portland to anyone planning on visiting the Northwest! :)
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