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I like the parks and community activities. I generally feel safe in the community, and there is a large variety of restaurants and stores in town as well as easy access to expressways.
There not a lot to do, but the schools are above average in my opinion. The groceries are cheap and so is most stuff, excluding the houses comparered to surrounding cities.
It a nice place. Needs to have more affordable homes. shopping area are great many stores to go too. Job market is low and the street are very busy. Need make it safer for children because there very little sideways. This town has the same programs for children as other towns. Need more actives for children for low incomes families .
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Portage is a small city/suburb in Northwest Indiana. It has a good community and great school system for K-12 with amazing role model of teachers.
Good schools for my boys, good little league division, good restaurants, and overall good place to live!
Portage has gotten better over time. I would like to see more community events, and I would like to see it cleaner.
Portage is a wonderful place to live. I love the diversity in the town that seems to be unmatched. Going to school in southern Indiana, I discovered that my small hometown town is far more diverse than other places in Indiana. Grateful for the cool community I call home.
Just moved to Portage from Lake County. I enjoy the quietness and laid back feel of Porter County. It allows me quick and easy access to the toll road so I can get to work.
Portage is a nice city. It’s very quiet and somewhat small. I like how close everyone is and the communities are very safe. I would like there to be more entertaining activities to do, maybe add a small mall.
Portage is a nice, quiet city about 45 minutes out of Chicago. It's close enough to the city to enjoy what it has to offer, but it's also far enough away to give us are own sense of personality. There are beaches!
It's a cute small town. Plenty of parks and shopping. Bike trail runs through. Generally quiet and safe!
The access to beaches and marina. I like that they have alot of festivals. I shop at many shopping centers in Portage as that is most are local.
Portage is a nice and really close to Chicago. Crime is low and it's a nice place to call home. They are building allot of new things too bring in more traffic, excellent orthopedic facility (Lake Shore Bone and Joint Institute)
Portage is a nice town, growing, industrialized. Minimal crime is present and a safe place to raise a family.
I love how many businesses are coming here. Houses don't cost that much either and there is things to do around here unlike others towns in Northwest Indiana.
Smaller city school in which it's easy to get to know the teachers and staff. By getting to know them more personally, you get to know their character.
I have lived in Portage all my life. I have seen it change quickly from a small town to a city with multiple stores and restaurants. Portage now has a park and beach on Lake Michigan. I would like to see more development downtown.
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Portage is a great town. Portage has plenty to offer in terms of shopping or restaurants. It in centrally located to major cities in Indiana which makes for a quick trip to Chicago or Indianapolis. All in all I love living in Portage
you can see police everywhere, but area is worsening
I would chose to live here again due to the parks
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