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Portage is a decent small town, People stick in groups. The good part about it is that there is everything you need from gas stations to grocery stores. The only thing I would like to change in portage is the number of things to do especially during the winter. For example, There's only parks and beaches but during the wintertime, you can't go swim at the beach or go to the park due to Wisconsin's cold temperatures. Most people here do know each other but are separated by groups of people and staying in their circle.
I like their ability to bring in new businesses. I don't like their schools and the amount of bad things that students bring there.
Portage has the potential to be a great town. Close to Wisconsin Dells and Madison it is a prime location. There are plenty of opportunities for the town to prosper and grow but many people do not support local businesses which does not allow many. There are many store fronts sitting empty in the downtown area of Portage.
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I moved to Portage three years ago and have been very happy. The people are friendly and helpful. In the summer they are lots of garage sales. We are right down the road from Devils lake state park. I’m an avid cyclist and never get bored with the road in the area. To our east, we have a large Amish community that have farm stands and bakeries open most days of the week. Between the marsh and the rolling hills.
Portage is a small city that is rich in history and beauty. Many people in Portage are good hearted and friendly. It is because of that friendliness that I find myself going back to school at 52 years of age to pursue a career in Archaeology, which has been my passion since moving to Portage over 20 years ago.
Last spring a neighbor contacted me to tell me about the "Open Lab nights" at the UW Platteville in the Baraboo Archaeology Department. The public is welcome to help analyze artifacts on loan to the UW. My neighbor had heard about it from someone else and thought of me with my passion immediately.
My second night helping out in the lab, I knew I had to make a career change. I equivalate analyzing artifacts to how I felt the first time I held my first born as a young mother. That realization of "This is why I am here! This is what I am meant to be."
I can't say that I was "lost" before coming to live in Portage but, I can say I have found myself because of it.
The community itself is good, but you don't want to live here because of the pollution. There is a horrible smell that most times occurs in the morning and evening. It's from some kind of factory and I'm not sure exactly what I breathe in because I couldn't get answers. You can even smell it inside your house because the smell seeps in. You can't open your windows for fresh air when the odor is present and you can't sleep with a window open. This smell is pretty much daily and it causes me terrible headaches.
Portage is a decent community with a lot of opportunity. There are plenty of jobs for young people, but there isn't much to do in the town- the best you can do is go to one of the nearby interesting cities (Wisconsin Dells, Madison, even Baraboo). However, finding opportunity to become big in this community is slim to none, and the school system is mediocre at best.
Portage is a great medium size town centrally located to the Dells attractions and the big city life of Madison. The town is working hard on providing activist to young adults and kids with a new skate park. I sure wish I had that growing up.
Portage is a small town full of vibrant people. It is close enough to the Wisconsin Dells and Madison area to be able to find something new to do everyday.
Portage is a good town for having a simple and peaceful life. There is mostly everything you need and have many good opportunities.
I like how diverse the town is. The thing that I would like to see change is the drug use rate to decrease.
As I previously mentioned I feel very safe in my hometown. Being the biggest city in the county we have a reasonable amount of crime. Also being within an hour of the state capitol city brings our crime rate up. I think that the most prevalent issues are probably theft and drugs. Those things are bad but there isn't much worse than that and when something does happen it's a huge deal. Police are prevalent. I may feel that way because I live a couple blocks form the police station, but I feel they accurately patrol the city.
I have grown up here my entire life so it is my home. Its a bit of a stuck up town but it does have a generally good sense of community,I may choose to live here again depending on the circumstances, but it;s not my ideal place to live. It ranks pretty well in my opinion. I almost always feel safe. There are some shady neighborhoods, but for the most part they are all pretty good. Our school system and city government is a little to be desired in my opinion because of the ways they choose to use tax payers money.
I like the diversity of weather...warm in the summer and cold in the winter
Not much for public transportation but there are taxis that you can call and get around in.
Depends on what you want to do whether or not you can find work.
We have a low crime rate
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I've lived here all my life and it is great to live in the middle of the state.
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