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Portage is a very Pleasantville like small town. The town has a few food places, some stores and has an amazing school spirit that is hard to beat. We are a very pleasant town and you can definitely borrow sugar from your neighbors.
Small town that's slowly burning out like others in the area. All the youth can't wait to leave. The adults that live here are people who never left town. There is a large opiate problem.
I lived in Portage all my life until I turned 18 and moved away to college and never came back to live! While it is safe and quaint, the town itself doesn't have much to do besides the park and bars. Minimal opportunities for jobs, a lot of young people leave town at least for a little while in search of better jobs. The area has never recovered from the coal mines and steel mills shutting down. Weather is beautiful during summer and fall but harsh winters that seem to last forever thanks to the mountains and lake effect snow, spring is usually cold and wet. Schools were good when I was there but can't speak for them now. If you're retired I think it's a good place to settle in for a nice quiet life but if you're young, get out and move to a place with more opportunities!
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I have lived in Portage my whole life and I love it. There is a park the includes baseball and softball fields, tennis courts, a basketball court and a sand volleyball court. There is also a pool in the park. There is a Sheetz downtown with a McDonald's near it. The school is a a great elementary and high school right in town.
Our town features a beautiful 62 acre park with tennis courts, 3 baseball fields (pee wee, Little League and girls softball), a state of the art swimming pool with slides and diving boards and concession stand. The park has 9 picnic pavilions, rest rooms, volleyball court and a basketball court. The park hosts the annual Portage Area Summerfest Weekend in August each year that attracts 15-20,000 people over the three day event.

Our town has a 9-Hole Golf Course, Maple Crest Golf Club, a drive-in Movie theater, The Bar-Ann Drive In, 3 Service bars, American Legion, Amvets and VFW, several clubs, Italian Club, Jamestown Rod & Gun, Benscreek Social Citizens Club and Moose.

The Rotary Club of Portage meets every Tuesday and sponsor several events throughout the year, including Three Pancake Breakfasts, Annual Portage Day Golf Outing, a Golf-A-Rama, St. Patrick's Day Dance and also sponsors the Annual Christmas Parade.
Great small town I love growing up here. people are friendly and supportive. Schools are very good the staff at the school are compassionate and understanding and ready to teach students and learn new things with students.
The town is relatively safe overall. I safely walk the streets every night. There are a few police cars that you can see patrolling regularly at night. It has it's fair share of "crazy neighbors", but they tend to keep to themselves. There is not a lot of violence in the town, but there is an escalating drug problem. The escalating drug problem is a concern to me, because that can easily turn into an increase of violence as more and more people desire to "get their fix".
The town, from an outside point of view, seems to be a typical small town paradise, but; in reality, it is far from that. While being small and quaint, the town has an overall "dirty" feel to it. The roads are full of potholes and uneven and there are many rundown houses. The neatest part of the town is "the projects", which is the cheap low-income houses. Over the years, there have been multiple fires that burned down many buildings. One of the fires burned down the bakery which has never been rebuilt. The only proper restaurant in town is known for being unsanitary and terrible. There are, however, multiple pizza restaurants.

The future of this town, in my opinion, is bleak. I see two possible outcomes. One, the town slowly loses more and more people and eventually dies. The other option, which I believe to be more likely, is that the town "grows" and becomes more like the low-income areas of a city.

Compared to other small-towns, this one is certainly near the bottom. It's a very strange place with near nothing to do.

I would not choose to live here again. My goal is to leave here as soon as possible, because; as far as I can tell, there is nothing here for me, or for anyone else.
Most people are teachers, into business, or in the health care field. Plenty of jobs around the area (less than 15 miles) in the health care profession.
Many shops, grocery store has a variety and it's not too expensive. Small restaurants and coffee shops, also reasonable prices.
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