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I would like for there to be more stores and more things to do. There are only a few convenience stores and decent restaurants. I love the safety and sense of community. The schools provide amazing educations as well. It is a great place to raise a family, except the housing is pretty expensive. The town is almost completely white and pretty conservative (lots of farmers). I wish there was more diversity. It is not far from many cities but there is always at least a 20 minute commute to go anywhere.
Everyone knows everyone, Poolesville is formed of a very tight knit community. The one thing the whole town has banded together to try and change is the rebuilding of a new high school. It's old and is in desperate need of repair.
Poolesville is a very small very safe town but its size can be a bit limiting. There is no grocery store or movie theater so there isn't much to do in town. Most of the people are extremley nice but you are stuck with those you don't like.
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Poolesville is a great town for rural folk. It has a vast array of nature in its community and is open to new, diverse cultures. The public schools in Poolesville are extremely great for preparing kids for college and activities beyond the classroom. As a city, Poolesville can be, at some times, bare because of the open landscapes in contrast to the few, sparse buildings. However, it still houses a close-knit community and its a great place to be a part of.
Small town, just outside the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Good people and a great place to raise a family.
Great small town. Not far from DC but out in farm country. Biggest issue is the lack of a grocery store but that should be changing within a year. #1 high school in Maryland. Smallest middle school in the county. Choice of elementary schools. Not a lot of job options in town but MARC train stations are nearby.
I have lived in Poolesville for 3 years and it was by far the best place I've lived. There is a sense of community and togetherness that cannot be found in other cities in Maryland. There are great people and they are always so kind. I would love to see the city grow and bring in a more diverse population in years to come.
Poolesville is a charming little town. The people that live here are friendly and caring. Poolesville High School is one of the top high schools in Maryland. My daughter is a freshman in college her writing abilities are so impressive she didn't have to take freshman English. She attributes her talent to her teachers at Poolesville.

Additionally, we are only 30 minutes from Washington DC. If that doesn't appeal to you, ten minutes up the road is a drive on ferry that will take you to Virginia.

My one complaint is that the grocery store closed. Poolesville is adding numerous housing developments. I think opening a grocery store would be a success.
I like Poolesville, Maryland because it is very quiet and a less crowded area. Also, I like that you are 30 minutes from almost everything in Maryland except for D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. I just wish that there were more roads that came into Poolesville because the traffic at 7am and 5pm are kind of crazy but reasonable.
Minor petty high school crime which I don't care about
Town is classic small town. Overall great place
People tend to live in the area since they were kids. Many find their way back to Poolesville and have a family within this town.
The town does seem to have some creepy citizens whom lurk the night but it's only a couple whom doesn't seem to want any harm done.
Fellow citizens of the community are very interactive with one another. Great atmosphere we all get along especially in our Poolesville Day celebration that the town holds in September. Out of all the towns in this world I feel as though Poolesville is the best one. Many kind people who are always willing to help and have neighbors helping one another and a very active town counsel who answer the questions of the people and try to make the town a better place by funding more activities for the community.
There are very few options here.
There are few job opportunities in this area.
There's not a grocery store here which is really unfortunate, but the quality of the businesses is okay. There's a nice garden shop, and we just got a tractor supply store which is good. there is a local family owned restaurant which is pretty good quality. There's a cvs that isn't open 24 hours which is not helpful. There are a few pizza places, fast food restaurants, and a bakery. It's hard to get everything one needs in this area, because of the lack of a grocery store
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