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It's not the safest or cheapest area, cool little restaurants here and there but hard to find, no night life.
People friendly great selection of restaurants and schools well protected lots of attractive women plenty of parks etc.
I've been in Pompano my whole life and I love it. I love seeing the parades and seeing the community come together to make decisions.
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Better Elementary schools and closer proximity to neighborhoods. Need to do a better job in policing because of the high car theft and break in rate.
I live in what you would consider West Pompano Beach where there isn't much around to do. I live in a corporate area where things close early or aren't open on weekends because the busy business is during the work week when people have lunch breaks. I've lived here almost all my life and as I get older I like it less.
Pompano Beach has a diverse culture, people are friendly, they could use a larger mall. The public transportation is good, I took the bus everyday to school and I enjoyed it.
I absolutely enjoy the lifestyle here, everyone is so polite and nice. Is a quiet neighborhood. Is affordable. Everything is close by beach, mall, supermarket etc.. there is always something to do if not in town close by. It is closed to Ft.lauderdale beach so if you are looking for a nightlife more tourist side you can always drive down to fr.lauderdale.
Very decent place to live. Keep to yourself or pick the right friends and you will have a grand. There is a lot to do.
Street markings are not kept up. Public Works has too many employees for every day work and many just "waltz" through the day. Taxes are high for the services we get. The city commission does everything and more for the Beach area and practically nothing for the rest of the city. Policing is jobbed out to the county Sheriff's Dept. and little patrolling is done. After answering calls, most deputies sit and talk to other deputies, ride through the neighborhoods (windows up, air-conditioning on) unable to hear anything and so quickly they see little if anything. I have been here for over 35 years and nothing of any worth has changed. Good ol' boy politics as usual. Want a good hometown in Broward, I suggest Oakland Park, Parkland, Coconut Creek, Weston, Davie, Lighthouse Point, or Cooper City. Dania Beach seems to be getting it's act together, but I haven't been there in the last two years. Unless you have money and political influence, stay the heck out of Pompano Beach!
Pompano Beach is area with opportunities to meet people who are able to relate to one another. Although there has been a growth within gun violence within the neighborhood, we've been able to come together to stop the violence.
It's easy to navigate, pretty beaches, and lots of places to eat; if you're looking for an overall good time Pompano Beach is where the fun is.
Pompano beach was basically a junction of a whole bunch of places mixed in with one. You don't see one specific anything in Pompano. Everyone is different and extraordinary in their own way. There was nothing but love for the most part because everyone understands that they are very different. Among those differences though, that is what bond the people in Pompano together and it was amazing to be able to not only live there but experience there also.
Pompano is patchy in regards to crime. In some areas you see peaceful communities, but in others you do not. City is working to modernize beach area is a plus though. There is still an older community in condominiums. Being fifteen minutes from the beach is a plus.
If you're someone who loves having easy access from the beach, then Pompano is for you. Even from the furthest west part of the city, it's only a 15 minute drive away. There are plenty of activities on the ocean water and the many lakes around the city. The schools are fine and there are many safe daycares at which to leave children..
While some may call pompano beach a not so nice place to live, it all depends where you are. Pompano offers some nice beaches, decent schools and plenty of things to do (movie theaters, malls etc)
My Experience as a former resident in Pompano Beach, Fl its very beautiful, very lively, very diverse with different cultures that is why i love it so much cause myself is born into a immigrant family and it is family friendly and just a good place to be it may be expensive but that is only because it has very big population but other than that its a very good, warm, place to be and i had a good experience every time i go see my family since i use to live there.
Pompano Beach, FL is a good mix of everything, it has your local hipster coffee shops, art galleries/museums, cultural centers, historic centers, events for families, couples and the elderly.
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Pompano Beach weather is warm to hot year round. Pompano have a breeze off the ocean. Pompano has several very nice safe parks, several major fast food restaurants to nice sit down restaurants. There are several new apartment building being built. US 1 is about 1+ mile from the public beach. Near the new beach piers we have a new restaurant open Beach House Pompano and parking garage. Hotel, shopping, restaurants being built. In the art district near I-95 it is revamped with New housing, new restaurants and new shopping area. In the summer there is a farmer's market. This area is 2+ miles to the beach. A lot of people live here 6 months.
No matter where you live in Pompano, you'll always be close to the beach. Regarding safety, there are hardly enough sidewalks throughout the city on non-major roads. Particularly the neighborhoods. Also, there is almost always some type of emergency with ambulances and police cars speeding by almost regularly. Majority of the residents here seem to be African-american or Hispanic, although this changes once you go east of the railroad tracks. The train can occasionally cause a pile up when it occasionally stops on the tracks. Apartments here are really overpriced with rent going as high as $3,000 a month in some places. Overall, it's not too bad living here, but there is obviously room for improvement.
its a nice area and very quiet.People that live in my area is very nice and friendly to each other so i have a good experience in this community
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