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Plymouth is one of the most beautiful, family-friendly suburbs of the metro Detroit area. It is the quintessential small town with a vibrant downtown area with a variety of activities do to throughout the year. There's something there for everyone, kids and older folks alike. The downtown area also has a lot of coveted restaurants and pubs and other miscellaneous shops. Its very pet friendly, I love seeing people walk about with their dogs. All in all, you can't go wrong with Plymouth. They have a spectacular downtown, beautiful little residential areas and wonderful school system. If anyone is looking to relocate or even just visit, I would highly recommend this place. You too will fall in love with it.
Plymouth is a great city. It has a wide variety of amenities and a concentrated downtown area where restaurants, stores, businesses, and cultural activities are all located a short walk from one another. I have grown up in this fine city where all of the levels of schooling have cultivated a safe and challenging atmosphere that has helped me grow as a learner. My childhood was filled with walks to numerous nearby parks and Sunday brunches at quaint little restaurants all located in the city of Plymouth. However, as picturesque as the architecture and happy families and clean environment are, Plymouth is very homogenous. The city could definitely afford to promote more diversity in its residents and visitors.
Great downtown area that has a warm and welcoming feel to it. A great place to raise children and meet new people.
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Plymouth is a very great city to live in. My family and I have been living here for 15 years now and I don't have a complaint. I always feel safe, everyone is extremely friendly, and you get a small-town feel while being only a half-hour away from Detroit or Lansing.
Phenomenal town! I never went to their public schools, but my town was a short 10 minute commute away. The bar scene is always popping on the weekends and during the weekdays, you'll see a lot of families walking around. As long as the weather permits lol... Anyways, it's a pretty pricy place, but it's also in a really great environment so the real estate market is thriving there. Traffic depends on the time of the day, in the morning it can be rough, but it usually clears up by the afternoon. Very safe town as well!
I like Plymouth because they have really good schools here. It's pretty expensive to live here but it's worth it.
The small downtown area is the perfect place to shop, eat, or just walk around! From local shops to an historic movie theater selling ticket for only $3 there is something for everyone in this quaint village. There are festivals year round that feature local artists and carnival like rides in the streets of downtown. Trees lit up using fairy lights make it beautiful year round!
There is nothing I would want to change about them if they’re good restaurants everything it’s a nice place
Safe town that has a lot of charm that help create a comforting atmosphere wherever you are. The downtown is a trip to go down especially during holidays when the city decorates.
It's a very nice, comfortable city. I've been living here ever since I was 2. My favorite part about Plymouth is the cozy, small-shop downtown. I'm within walking distance, so I try to go there as often as I can. I especially love buying gifts for my friends and family there, as there's something for everyone in Downtown Plymouth.
I have lived in Plymouth for the better part of 20 years. I have watched many changes, and growth come to the community. Plymouth is a safe place, with ample ammenities, and the coziest little town. Kellog Park in the center of town offers many attractions to residents such as Art in the Park, Ice Fest, music on Thursdays, trick or treating for kids, and Santa for kids just to name a few. The always seasonly decorated park is surrounded by many shops, boutiques, and restaurants that fill at night and on the weekends. While the nightlife options are rather limited, you are close enough to the freeways to head out to enjoy cities like Detroit, Ann Arbor, Novi, Royal Oak and Ferndale. I find that to be one of the biggest perks myself. If you were looking for a new community, I would absolutely recommend Plymouth, Michigan!
Plymouth is a small town/suburb. The main downtown is very pretty, lively, and generally fun to visit. The rest of the city is just suburb, the houses are small but nice, but besides the downtown you have to drive a ways away to do anything fun like see a movie, shop, or eat out.
Great city and downtown area. Lots of good and nice people in the area. Great schools in the location as well.
The city of Plymouth has provided me with a variety of opportunities and has allowed me to grow as a person over the course of my teenage years. Due to Plymouth´s small population, it is easy to develop long-lasting friendships, as well as connections with the community as a whole. Personally, I love the downtown area because of how it is structured, and because of it´s welcoming atmosphere. Many teens, as well as young adults, who are interested in the arts, have been provided with The Plymouth PARC, which is a community building that can be used for a multitude of purposes. This community center offers concerts, theatre productions, and art festivals to the public, which has helped immensely with bringing the community together. Plymouth is a town that not only forces people to step outside of their comfort zones, but it is also a community that strives to maintain collectivism by allowing its members to find ways to feel connected with the world around them.
Plymouth is an excellent town to live in and a great place to have fun. It has a very tight atmosphere and has many local businesses. Plymouth also offers many activities. These can include a trip to the Sardine or a late night walk in Downtown Plymouth.
Small town, Not a whole lot going on. Roads are in terrible condition. Occasionally you meet a grump at the grocery store. Other than that it is your typical suburbia.
Plymouth has such a cool atmosphere! From downtown, to Heinz Park, there is a little something for everyone.
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I moved to Plymouth about two months ago. Since then I've been exploring the area. The people are wonderful! The downtown area is super cute, with a little park right at the center. They have events every week whether it be performers or sidewalk sales or the farmers market, there's always something local going on.
Plymouth has a great school system. There are always a lot of things to do and family events. The city seems to be expanding rapidly within the last few years.
Just moved to the area but I love it! Super convenient and close to all your needs (including IKEA! And U of M). Kid friendly environment but able to stumble home from a pub after a date night!
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