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Great, safe town. Great independent theatre and good restaurants. Fantastic farmers market and summer music festival but they are quite expensive. Not enough diversity in culture & ethnicity.
Your house, when a snow storm is coming, will lose power so easily. Most People keep to themselves, and yeah. Not to mention, the schools here are OVERRATED, but there are some nice restaurant choices.
Terrible Sense of Community.People keep to themselves. The food they offer here is mostly terrible. I have seen people getting harassed to, to top it all off.
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Pleasantville is terrible. The people are snobby. I graduated pleasantville high school in 2015 and it was terrible. There are bullies. But, most people are welcoming, but some are snobby.
Not much to tell. It's a place, better than some, not better than others. How many more characters do I need to write here?
Pleasantville is great! It is a small town, with a very caring and close-knit community. There are many things to do, such as eating at restaurants or watching a football game.
This town is super cute and I love all the restaurant choices! There aren't many activities to do, but it's lovely for walking around and wasting a couple of hours.
Pleasantville has been an experience of learning and growth. It is a place where I have learned to grow up. Attending school here my whole life, Pleasantville has become apart of me. The importance of helping others and giving back to the community have become part of my daily actions. I learned to stay open to every opportunity presented to me, as they don't come around often. In addition, I learned to never judge a book by its cover, there are tons of people that you have a lot more in common with then you think: It allows you to see things from a different perspective. Pleasantville's diversity exposed me to different cultures that I carry with me every day. I hope to take all the positive and negatives I have experienced in Pleasantville and use them to benefit myself as a person and the community around me.
In Pleasantville the roads are always cleared quickly when it snows.
The weather in Pleasantville is simple, its warm in the summer and cold in the winter. Pleasantville typically gets a few feet per winter but it usually melts then snows again and the town as great at salting the roads and keeping them clear. In the spring there is some flooding depending on where you live. Pleasantville is a very old town with a lot of old houses most don't have basements that flood but quite a hand full do but thats only during extreme rain storms.
Most people that live in Pleasantville dont work there. Pleasantville is on the more expensive side to live there since its in Westchester county there are high taxes. There are a fair amount of lawyers, doctors, engineers, and a handful of teachers and artists. The people that work in Pleasantville typically commute there. Lots of jobs in town are held by the high school students. Students work at the restaurants as buss boys and hostesses, at the bakeries, local shops. Majority of the Residents in Pleasantville Commute to New York City for work and work for bigger or their own companies.
Pleasantville has great Food the most well known or nicest restaurant is probably the Iron Horse, a restaurant that bought the beautiful old stone train station and turned it into a restaurant. The food is great, they also own the burger place across the street; Pony Express. They have the best fries ever and make great little cheese sliders. Pleasantville Pizzeria is my favorite pizza place in town, and George is always working, ready to have a conversation. The best place to eat in Pleasantville is Sundance Deli on Wheeler avenue. Sundance has everything from sandwiches to homemade authentic Mexican food, they are always packed for lunch. Pleasantville has many food varieties from indian, american, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, to french, italian and Mediterranean.
Pleasantville is exactly what it sounds like it's a small cute town and a tight knit community. Everyone is really nice the most popular street is Wheeler ave. in the middle of town. Its a one way street with lots of small shops: The Black Cow coffee shop, a Fashion optical store, two hair salons, Pony Express (burgers), Iron Horse restaurant, the Train station entrance, Pleasantville pizzeria, convenient store, Pleasantville pharmacy, and many many other places. Most of the restaurants are mom and pop owned, and the pharmacy is independent and has been there for years. Our main attraction is the Jacob Burns Theater, an old historic theater that shows independent movies and has many programs for kids. Pleasantville High School is a beautiful school built in the early 1900s, and is known for having great teachers. People are always out walking their dogs or grabbing a bite to eat, you always run into someone you know. Pleasantville was actually rated the best smelling town a few years ago. For a town that is about two miles long it has everything you need, if you didn't want to you wouldn't ever have to leave. From the gym, the pet store, grocery store, hair and nail salons, the toy store, and movie theater to the pharmacy, restaurants, dentist, banks and cute little boutiques. Pleasantville has everything you need in addition to its beauty and charm.
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