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It is a small town with a diverse community. I have been greeted kindly and love the area that I live. It is quiet and cozy for my little family.
Small town not a crazy amount of things to do but is slowly evolving. Movie theater and bowling as well as a park is really all this town has in terms of entertainment excluding bars or grills.
Pleasanton is a great small town south of San Antonio by about 30 miles. I would recommend to anyone looking to leave the hustle of a large city to move to Pleasanton or its surrounding towns. Pleasanton has most of the necessities one would need in short notice. Though being a small town, most stores close at a reasonable hour and there is not much of a night life aside from the few watering holes.
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Pleasanton is a small town that has been growing recently and can be a place for family. This town has a great appreciation for its history and is becoming a more and more diverse place for everyone with a great school system for young children.
Pleasanton is a small, homey-town. Everything is no more than fifteen minutes away. Everyone pretty much knows everyone. For teens there isn't too much to do for fun, but there is a newly built river-park, a movie theater, three snow cone places, and many fast food/restaurants to choose from. There isn't much I would change about Pleasanton because I like the size and community that is there.
I have lived here my entire life and it was not the best experience but it was not horrible. I have made life long friends that are very fun to be with and can't get any better than that. The local high school sports are very important to the community
Pleasanton is a small community that never grows old. The town is a giant family, extending to the nearby cities. Living here is a great way learn the meaning of acceptance because everyone is different, especially here. No one is the same, and everyone understands that. No one judges you, nor will they ever look down on you.
What I love about Pleasanton, Texas is how down to earth the community as a whole is. I also enjoy the idea of how close everything is in proximity. While the education in Pleasanton is very one on one, I'd love to see passion in the teachings within the school. Coming from the school district, I've noticed that every grade level you pass, the next is more bland, repetitive, and lacking of passion and interest, not only in the teachers, but the students as well. The change we need in Pleasanton is what knowledge we gain, and how we gain it, and hopefully one day that will happen, but for now, I hope what is given is enough.
It's a small town with not much to do, but it is very homey. There are a lot of ways to get involved with the community.
Pleasanton Texas is mostly involved in the oil field. There is a river park but it is in a scary part of town. Not much to do here but just work. A lot of people move here from different states to just work in the oifeild. The surrounding town like poteet and jourdanton help pleaston out with housing. The Schools Pleasanton are not the best. There is a big drug problem here in Pleasanton. A lot of big trucks drive through the town. Not much things to do for kids. People usually comute to San Antonio for fun because it’s so close. There is a few cook offs that happen in Pleasanton. Pleasanton also has a rodeo once a year. There is a lot of fast food locations here. There is definitely a lot of construction going around town.
I would love to see Pleasanton grow. It seems over the last few years, many restaurants have closed down and other business as well such as the bowling alley. This is a really great town but we need more here. The school system can be better. I graduated here and it was great. There also needs to be more from the community and the city. They have shut down so many ideas that it is unreal.
Pleasanton is a great town. Pleasanton is definitely growing in a great way! So much has been added in the past 3 years. I would definitely recommend this town to anyone!
I love how when I first moved here it was a quite small town, but over the years I've seen it grow and flourish. So many different people have moved to Pleasanton, and so much infrastructure has been implemented. The town and people are quite pleasant .
Crime within Pleasanton is not a mjaor issue, but undoubtly is on the rise due to the increase in people moving into the rea. I am not scared by any means, but the recent rise in armed robbery and burglaries is disconcerning to say the least.
I've lived in Pleasanton my whole life, and while there are many drawbacks such as it's lack of many stores and entertaiment venues common to larger cities, the community is very powerful and connected, supporting each other.
Everyone really looks out for each other around here. It creates a better sense of safety
This town was booming a year ago, but since oil prices have dropped everything has been on the decline.
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I have lived in Pleasanton my enitre life. Recently, with the oilfield boom the town has dramatically changed. I miss the feel of a small town; where you knew everyone and felt safe. Now a days, the town has many people who are new to it or just passing through for work.
I love the nightlife here. Their is always something going on, even on a week day.. The food is awesome very filling. We have a varitery fast food to pick from. We now have a Bush's chicken and taco bell.. Its getting better every year.
The employment here and the hourly wage is moving up. The pay is great !
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