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The weather is great and there are many stores and places to eat. A lot of places are empty in downtown which is a big bummer to the city.
Pleasant hill is a very good location. It has good restaurants, mall, shopping centers and public parks. The schools seem nice and they have a nice community college as well. It seems like a safe place to be at.
I have lived In Pleasant Hill CA for 9 years and It is an amazing city for the most part. I like how it has Valhalla elementary school, Valley View middle school, College Park High School, and Diablo Valley College. I went to Valley View middle school then College Park High school and Now I'm going to Diablo Valley College. It's very nice how all these schools are right next to each other because if they weren't this close to each other I probably would have to move to another city. The one thing I would change about Pleasant hill is the fact that it's not Diverse. When I was going to College Park High School African Americans were 1% of the school's population. As an African American, I thought that was very unfair because I felt unfit. I would also change hoe expensive the houses are in this area. Another thing I would change is Job opportunities. I feel like Pleasant Hill Doesn't provide a lot of job opportunities. My brother and I applied for a lot of jobs but couldn't find jobs.
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Family orientated, good schools and parks. Not a lot of diverse food options or after school programs to support youth in the area. Houses are expensive but not worth the price due to size.
Pleasant Hill is indeed an pleasant place. Safe, fun, nice weather, and basically an ideal town. Though it is not a big city filled with tall buildings. However we have many shopping center and malls. However if you are an person of color you might face an slight attitude of racism like once in a while. Personally as an Asian American teenager I used to work at this sock store. And some costumers who were purchasing Trump socks were very rude to me.
Pleasant Hill has a community that cares about it's citizens and is driven to make a difference. It is home to one of the best community colleges in the nation and beautifully kept parks. Through community events, like concerts in the park, festivals, and even an annual Relay for Life, Pleasant Hill residents always have a way to come together. With hundreds of volunteer opportunities and chances for the youth to give back to the community, growing up in Pleasant Hill was a rewarding experience. City council members have always reached out to the youth and guided them in a pathway to success and making a difference. The local Parks and Rec Department offers amazing childcare, camps, clubs, and activities for all different ages. With city events like the annual Community Service Day, I can thank the city for teaching me how to be involved and form community ties that will last forever.
It's a small suburb. Not much to say. Lots of schools and families and young kids. It's a pretty chill place.
I love living in Pleasant Hill. This is my first time living in "The Bay Area" and I was very nervous about finding friends and feeling like I fit in. With all of the community sports and activities I feel evolved and like I have established a good group of friends here. My only concern is the cost of living, I hope that the growing cost of rent doesn't displace myself or anyone of my amazing, hardworking neighbors.
The city is a safe area filled with lots of fun places to do whenever I want to hang out with my friends and/or family. The residents over there are also very welcoming and nice as well. It's a great town.
Pleasant Hill is a nice little town with not too many people and just the right amount of stuff to do.
It's small yet has lots of options for entertainment, education, outdoor activities, etc. People know each other, but it's big enough you don't run into the same people at the same places all the time. It's also pretty close to some bigger shopping or entertainment areas, like Concord or Walnut Creek, without living in that hustle & bustle.
Nice area and safe but there isn't that much to do. It is only a half an hour away from San Francisco and close to some other bigger cities. Hotels are cheaper than they would be in SF.
Pleasant Hill is quiet but also close to the city. There are nice walking and running trails which are also dog-friendly.
I like all about Pleasant Hill. Only thing I want to change is apartment rental price. People are nice, helpful and kind to each other. Police are patrolling around the neighborhood every time. Diablo Valley College is a college with large diversity and have many good program to transfer 4 year college. I can say that professor and course materials are well qualify or same quality as University. Some of them are as hard as that level. So it makes a preparation for learning experience in University.
Pleasant Hill, CA is an amazing place for all kinds of activities. Top rated public schools. Great community to shop, eat, and relax with family or friends. There are many parks that are pet friendly as well. I spend most of my week in Pleasant Hill. The atmosphere has a good vibe to it. Tons of hiking trails near by. If you ever find yourself in this lovely city make sure to check out The Veranda it a newly developed outdoor shopping mall with great restaurants and a movie theater that has waiters wait on you. Great for a family outing. During the winter season there is an outdoor ice skating rink as well that is lit up and super beautiful at night.
Form my experience in Pleasant Hill, I liked the environment and the overall feeling of the area. Beautiful view with Mt. Diablo and comfortable weather.
Actually really small but more refined than neighboring Martinez. Rather "safe" & it seems everyone kinda knows each other. Kinda the stereotypical city where all the neighborhood moms & their kids hang out at the local parks.

It's mostly White, only "diverse" areas are DVC and the mall. I say "diverse" because these are most likely Pleasant Hill permanent residents. DVC is half Asian (internationals) & half white, I don't consider that really diverse. The mall demographics has changed to mostly Hispanics because Hilltop Mall in Richmond closed so people from Richmond are going to Sun Valley as it's the closest mall.

Food here kinda sucks, in terms of Ethnic food. It's 30 minutes drive away from Oakland, SF, Berkeley, which I consider a long drive. There's no SF bay/ocean views so if you want a bay area feel, then you won't get it here. But there is a nice view of Mt Diablo.
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I live near pleasant hill. My kids play at the parks and recreation baseball league. Its a great place to raise kids.
very close knit group of people. whether its working at youth rebels or working cp football everyone seems to have connections. there are 3 public middle schools and 3 elementary schools and only 1 D1 public school. it is the bay area so most are pretty wealthy
I love that Pleasant Hill is small, so you get to know the people around you and have a neighborly experience just walking around. There is a fair amount of "open space" (parks, trails, etc) which I also enjoy.
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