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Pleasant Garden is a family friendly town. Its close to Greensboro and jobs. Close towns include Burlington, Kernesville and Winston Salem. It is a a great place to raise a family. There are nearby grocery stores. Its spread out so you need a car. There isn't public transportation. Homes have yards and most people lookout for one another. The elementary school is pretty good. Most of the teachers are helpful and easy to get along with. The high school in the area is average with a diverse mix of kids from different backgrounds. There are close parks and restaurants. The area is growing slowly and hopefully will continue to get better.
Pleasant Garden is a very calm and quiet town with many kind people living in the community. I have lived here my whole life and love the atmosphere of the small town.
There's not really much to complain about. Close enough to Greensboro that everything's within relatively convenient distance, but just outside so you don't pay the city taxes. Kind of small, quiet town.
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I have been living in Pleasant Garden my whole life and would not have it any other way. Pleasant Garden is like a modern age Mayberry. Friendly people everywhere you go, supportive town hall committee, great resources, and a safe place to live. The town itself has; one elementary school, a drug store, two gas stations, one fire department, a Subway restaurant, a Dollar General convenience store, a funeral home, one Clapps Assisted Living and one Clapps Nursing Home, a diesel automobile shop, and five churches. I personally go to Pleasant Garden Baptist Church. It's located in the heart of the town. I have also been going there all my life. I love that church and the body of Christ who goes to Worship and fellowship there.
Pleasant Garden is a small town next to Greensboro, NC... It is where you live if you like the word rural. There are housing developments throughout the farmland experience and it is a quick drive to anything around. The land is still reasonable and the existing little town has a civic center with sports fields and a lot of rustic charm.
this has been an okay area to live, it's a good place to rise a family. The drive to things isn't too bad, but you also have a nice country setting
There is a parade around Christmas and Fireworks around the fourth of July
Minus winter when we get bad ice storms, we get to experience all four seasons.
As mentioned, if you want to go out to eat or for a drink you have to drive to Greensboro.
Theres only really gas stations, churches or a dollar store. As well as an elementary school.
I live in a small town so you usually have to drive to the next town over, Greensboro, to do anything major.
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