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I like that Pleasant Gap is a family, pet and child friendly community full of kind hearted people that are truly looking out for the best interest of others. There is a very low crime rate, and very few rude people. Everyone knows everyone and it is a great place to live.
The people are slightly unwelcoming and retail atmosphere is not the best. Wish stores were more catered to a younger generation.
Pleasant Gap is close to the mall, Walmart, Sams Club, and not far from Penn State University. There are many activities that can be done through PSU. The cost of living is decent as are the prices of houses.
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Safe feel. Not a lot to do. About 15 mins from state college. Schools are good. The schools are up to date on technology. Five restaurants in PG. No good jobs, pay for jobs in centre co. are below national average in all profession. Best paying jobs are at Penn State, but you need someone to get you in.
I love Pleasant Gap! Situated minutes away from State College, it provides the perfect blend of small town and downtown atmospheres! I love that I can enjoy the night life of State College and Penn State, and feel safe taking an Uber for a ten minute drive back home. It is a beautiful neighborhood filled with happy people.
It is pretty good for this area. Most places are bars and pubs which is nice to eat at every once and awhile but I do wish there was more options though at times.
It pays for my bills and such. I wish I made a little bit more for the work hours I put in and if I work holidays I expect to be paid a little bit more though. I just wished the work environment was a little bit more up beat and stuff.
Most of the places around here are small pizza joints which tend to do just okay. There is never a time I have had a pizza that I would love to get if it was the last food in the world but they are just decent.
Houses are run down and are ugly.
Not a lot of crime
There is a lot of on street parking, which is very annoying
There is nothing to do here.
There is a lot of rain, and sometimes houses will start to flood or the road will flood.
There aren't any places, except bars, to go to have a nice drink.
In Bellefonte, there are a lot, about 4 or 5, of Italian restaurants, 3-4 hair salons, and 2-3 shops. The businesses aren't the best, but the aren't the worst either. It gets very boring in Bellefonte, if there were more fun attractions there might be better business.
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