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Numerous restaurants and grocery stores in the area as well as it being safe and family friendly. There are many activities and events going on every weekend and the location is very close to Ft. Lauderdale as well as Miami.
Plantation is an extremely clean and safe neighborhood. There's plenty to do such as shopping, restaurants, parks, and the beach is just a 20 minute drive away. It is very quiet and the community is perfect for people of all ages to live in.
I like how quiet the area is as I was born and raised in plantation. Also how well kept plantation is and clean. However on the more expensive side of the city and sometimes strict with policies in the city of plantation.
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Horrible traffic. People drive like maniacs. However, if ure a foodie there many places to eat, there is variety.
I love living in Plantation. While it is not too big, Plantation has pretty good schools, a variety of entertainment options and is very family friendly. I always feel safe living in Plantation, and there is rarely any serious crime activity. It is a very family friendly place to live.
Plantation is a good area to live. I like it. Nothing is too far, everything from grocery stores to outlets, they're all within proximity.
Average place, lacks public transportation, good sanitation, somewhat high on pot use, lacks the necessary infrastructure for cyclists.
Plantation is a very nice suburban area with just about everything needed to live a comfortable life. With plenty of public schools and parks, supermarkets in prime locations, and restaurants and shops, Plantation is a nice place to have a family or to go and retire. My only complaint would be that because there are so many people who come here to retire, a lot of the population is made up by the elderly, who often make traffic situations difficult on the road.
Plantation Florida is a very family friendly town. Yet, as a minority resident, it can use more diversity.
Its a nice city next to two great colleges and has lots of restaurants worth checking out. Miami is only an hour away and Orlando is only three. Boca raton and bimini are nearby as well. There's a lot to do around here and take advantage of.
I lived in Plantation for almost ten years before I moved up north. Although there are many bad neighborhoods in this town, there are some good ones too. I admit, it's not the safest place, and the traffic is pretty bad, but the diversity of the place is refreshing. It's close to the best beaches in the country, and the Everglades. The schools (especially at the Middle and High level) aren't the greatest, but it's not the worst either. I'd say it'd be hard for an older kid to adjust to living here, but if a child has lived here all their life, they'll love it. Overall I liked living here a lot.
i love the suburb lifestyle, parks, sense of community, restaurants, shopping, beaches, churches, colleges and schools.
Plantation is an extremely urban area with many commercialized stores, restaurants, and excessive traffic. Schools in the area are okay. There are a few parks to have picnics at and ride bikes. I believe that if the area was less congested and more local businesses were centrally located the area could be unique and sought out by more.
I've lived in plantation since I started high school. This community is very welcoming and warm. On multiple occasions upon asking a neighbor for help they promptly and quickly obliged.
I have lived in Plantation for 6 years now and I love it. There are so many things to do and see. I love that most things are with in walking distance and there are also tons of free modes of transportation.
I like plantation because over the years I've seen how it's changed for the better or worse but they try to improve.
I enjoyed living in Plantation. It's a beautiful town, and I plan on buying a home here. There is a lot of restaurants and parks, but I would say there isn't much night life. That's is not a bad thing if you enjoy staying in.
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Plantation is a great neighborhood to live in. It is very family friendly and an overall safe neighborhood. There are plenty of places to go to in Plantation including the Broward Mall, the Fountains, and multiple parks around the area. The schools in Plantation are also really great.
It's quiet but not too. There's plenty to do, plenty of restaurants, all while being within a half hour drive of major cities like Miami and Ft Lauderdale.
I absolutely loved my time in Plantation! Why? Because for a rather not so common part of Miami, you would easily think that its either a total 'country side' or at the other side of the spectrum 'super crazy fun' part of Miami. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. It has all the proper accommodations that a very busy city as Miami should have. If you are looking for quietness, Plantation is the place to be for you, because there is actually parts of it that are very country like, which is something not so very common in Miami at all.
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