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Its quiet. Family friendly. Some issues with teenagers but usually nothing too bad. Real estate prices are a little high and well as taxes. Home owners associations can be very strict as well.
Very small and boring town, not much to do here and we have a lot of issues with the youth getting into trouble. However, it is fairly diverse with a large population of primarily Spanish-speaking residents.
I enjoy that Plano is a small town, which is easy to get around. There is easy access to everything. One thing I would like to change would be speeding up the construction process.
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Plano is a good town to live in. It is a small town but has a lot offer. There are a lot of small business to shop at and plenty of restaurants to eat at. The school district is a plus. Plano is in close proximity to small bigger suburbs and not to far from Chicago.
Plano is a community that is about 70 miles west of Chicago. It is close enough to enjoy the city, but far enough away so you don’t have to deal with traffic and general city craziness. Plano has a small town feel with a quaint downtown area. It also contains several big name stores including Walmart, Burger King, and McDonalds. Plano has a few small restaurants, but most of them are closed for the dinner hours. Many people travel to neighboring town restaurants for dinner. It also has it’s own police department and fire department, several parks, and five schools. The best part about Plano is that it is a close knit community. You know many people in the community and they look out for each other.
Plano is a small developing town, the people are friendly and care for each other. Everyone knows each other and takes care for everyone. Schools offer a pretty decent curriculum and teachers make sure their students make themselves the best possible.
Nice small town surrounded by farm land. New neighborhood as well as a welcoming home town feel. Very quiet and a good place to settle down if you want the suburban feel without the need to be too close to Chicago. Naperville is only a forty five minute drive and there is plenty to do between here and there.
Plano Il is a very family orientated town filled with history and pride. When you live in Plano you become apart of a family fabric that not only cares for you, but its neighbors. I take great pride in this community and it has given me and my family so much in return.
Housing is less expensive than similar communities in the area. Everyone is friend, but the schools are less than stellar. There has been a recent increase in crime
I love the events put together by the town, and how many different options there are to stay busy together - from the local and state parks and preserves, to the library and the family owned businesses. The town is far from the city, but everything you need in your day to day life is within a few minutes drive.
Plano is a small town that grew quickly between 2005-2010. They are lots of young families with children and the schools, like many have issues but overall are wonderful. in 2016 they were awarded Best in Music Education. The music departments from Kindergarten through High School are phenomenal and the teachers are amazing.
I used to live around the city of Chicago. When I moved to Plano it was a whole lot different. I was not used to the suburbs. But overall, Plano has kind citizens with quiet neighborhoods. The small town has yet to grow. Everyone knows everyone and the high school games are like a reunion. The small town seems to be a big family circle, considering that a lot of the citizens are related to one another. Altogether, it is a town I do not regret moving to.
Plano, IL is a simple rural area were the people are friendly and always delighted to help one another when in need. The meat, fruits, vegetables always fresh because of the local farmers in our little part of the country. Very quiet and peaceful. The school's have excellent curriculum for the student to learn. There are some great real estate property in our community and the cost of living is fair. we are constantly developing Industrial, Agriculture, Retail jobs.
It is a relatively small town with not much to do. You'll find a couple of dive bars to visit on a Saturday night and a few local food places that awful home-cooked meals. The main part of town consists of older homes and on the outskirts of town you'll find newer homes.
I love living in the town of Plano IL. I feel very safe and its a great area to raise a family. I would like the public school system to change. Right now there are currently three different elementary schools that the kids must attend. (K-1st grade, 2nd-4th grade and then 5th-6th grade) I feel like this is to much change for the kids. Other then this I have no complaints!
I enjoy the set up of it showing you all of the scholarships, but I am hoping to see easier ways to apply for scholarships.
The people here are pretty friendly & have known each other for a long time
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I've never had to worry about anything.
It's a nice place, but there isn't much to do.
I don't hate living here but I also don't see myself staying here for the rest of my life. I have plans to move out of state after finishing with school.
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