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I have lived in Plaistow my entire life. It is an amazing town with a town forest and great stores. The elementary and middle school and high school is excellent. There are a couple of terrible houses in some areas, but there are some amazing houses everywhere. The safety of the town is great and if a child gets hurt the police and fire department come.
i hate this town. this place is absolutely discussing, the children are horrid, and don't get me started on the political beliefs here.
Plaistow is a great area for city commuters and has a lot to offer. Shopping is super easy and the options are endless.
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It’s really a town so good amount of grass and trees. Family friendly but plenty to do nearby. Good restaurants and some shopping areas. Malls, coastline, etc within 15-25 mins. Starting to get a little crowded.
It is a small town that I moved to a few years ago. It's peaceful and very calm in some parts but it is also a very busy environment in some places. In the future, I can see myself building a home here in the future and grow my family.
Nice and quiet residential areas. Has some things to do (i.e. gyms -- both for weight lifting and gymnastics--shops for necessities, and nice restaurants nearby). Not too much to do for fun, but it is close can find many things to do within a 10-20 minute drive.
I lived in Plaistow for over 10 years and went through the public school system there. The high school has a fantastic music and theatre program.
Having just moved to Plaistow, NH, we love it! Plaistow is close to the MA border, with beaches and hiking options. Plus you there is no income or sales tax. The Town has so much to offer, from shops and supermarkets to great food (check out Sushi Time), employment options and antiques! The Town Hall was very accommodating to us and the people here are very eager to help, with plenty of recommendations for restaurants, shopping and things to do in and around the are. Here's to our next five years in the town of Plaistow, NH!
Plaistow is a generally nice town, but there have been some budget problems within the school system that are putting stress on the community.
I have lived in Plaistow all my life and am proud to call Plaistow my home. I have always felt that this town is a great one. The people are very nice. There is plenty to do. It is a great town to raise a family in. Although I go to a different school the public school here is pretty good too. There are also plenty of places within Plaistow to go out to eat, hangout at night, find a job or even open up a business like my mother did. There are plenty welcoming people in this town and many great friends that were made here. Not many people outside of the local area know about Plaistow but that’s a good thing. It would not be so unique and wonderful. Everyone would want to live in a nice place like Plaistow.
There are many stores to shop in that I visit all of the time. The staff around this area tend to be nice, and the selection is great. I would recommend this area for everything from restaurants to pet stores!
It has plenty of stores, supermarkets, restaurants and other businesses. It is near the Massachusetts border and conveniently located. It is relatively safe and a good place for raising a family.
Most houses around the area are pretty average and nice and my house is nice in my opinion as well. But my house in particular is right on a main route road so the traffic can be loud at times but other than that we have a nice yard and place to live and that's all i feel is important is family and safety.
Our community is involved but I feel as if we should be more involved as a whole. Because some people go to town hall events but most don't and feel it isn't important which is understandable in some circumstances but in others I believe we should have monthly celebrations as we do in the summer. For example in the summer the town hall has movie showings for kids once a week and fresh farmed foods are brought from local farms to be sold for low prices to the community.
Crime and safety around Plaistow isn't very common but I'm sure there are few that happen here and there or every great once in a while that a lot of people just don't know about. But the safety of our town is very controlled by police and fire departments that are very active throughout the day you'll see them at least one or two times every day patrolling the areas.
Vacant and/or abandoned properties isn't much of a problem in this town. There are very few homes that are vacant. The cost of housing and utilities is reasonable, some housing can be much higher than others, but depends which area of the town, how big and what type of housing you are living in. There really is only one bad part of this town, which is low income living, apartments and more run down housing. This is where you would find trouble, crime, and drugs.
Many people have lived in Plaistow for a long time, I have lived here since i was little. There are new people that move in,and people that move out of the community, but many stay put. This area is very pet-friendly, family-friendly and kid-friendly, There are many different things and places for everyone to go, whether they have pets, kids or are just by themselves. These places include, the town forest where there are walking trails. Many walkers will bring their dogs with them here, there are two open fields, smith field and the p.a.r.c where, some people go to play with their dogs, or use these fields for sports and other activities for children or themselves. There are also multiple playgrounds for children to use. This community has many opportunities for families to engage themselves in town-wide events, and many families do.
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There are a few neighborhoods that have a higher crime rate than others, there are some kids that causing trouble and there are some drugs involved. Most of the cops take care of the problems and are always on look out.
The schooling in Plaistow is very good, i got a very good education moving up through this district and am very happy with what i learned and where it has brought me. Although there are a few neighborhoods that are not very nice in this area, and some kids that cause trouble, it is a very kid-friendly and family friendly town. There is always something to do, stores to shop at and many places to choose from to eat at. I believe that i would choose to live in this area again if i was doing it all over, even though it can get a bit hectic, and be very busy at times. I would not rank this town horribly, because it is very nice, but i also would not rank this town the best, because there are some flaws. In the future, i see this town continuing to build on, adding more shopping malls, which can be good but also bad because it will bring in more traffic to the town causing very busy roads.
The experience of my town is a home like feel, because around my house there is a candy store with home made candy and chocolate, a car place which isn't very appealing but I don't mind it, and many other stores around us because we live on a main route road. But it's only loud when the road is busy during the day so it isn't that bad, I love how I can just walk down the street to the store to buy a late night snack or a slush during a hot day, and I also love my big yard so my dog can run around and we have many family parties and birthday parties and actually have the room outside for them so that's nice too. But overall my town is very nice and has a lot of trees and a lot of people who are for the most part very friendly but a few of them woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Although those people are involved I still love where I live and I wouldn't change it because it's a part of my life. :)
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