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Public Schools- well funded, but be prepared for the district to spend the money irresponsibly
Nightlife- no clubs or theaters or anything; plenty of restaurants though
Real Estate Market- houses are fairly expensive out here; kind of a consequence for well-funded public schools
I have lived in Plainview for 30 years and have found it to be a very safe area. It has good schools and convenient for shopping, Train and parkways. This has been a good place to raise a family.
The suburb is really nice with a lot of resources, great streets, multiple great schools, parks, and other places for recreation. The town is a great place to live. It is also safe.
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Plainview is a beautiful neighborhood , perfect for growing families and businesses. The town is very diverse so there are activities for all ages. Restaurants range from Italian, american, Chinese to many more.
I love this town. It is very clean and most of the neighbors are very friendly. The school district is amazing with great teachers and there are many stores around in close distance.
Plainview is pretty. Unfortunately, it is overpriced and unfriedndly. The school district is a legednd in its teachers minds. Diversity adverse...don't be different.
I have lived in Plainview my entire life. Sure, like everyone, I've had my ups and downs with this community, but I don't think I would be the person I am today without living in Plainview.
The schools are fantastic, even with their flaws, and the horrible "test schedule" last year.
The people here are nice, but tend to complain about most things that just do not go their way, which I believe most people have to learn that some things just don't go their way.
Plainview is a safe community, with one of the best fire departments, and police patrol the streets every now and then to keep an eye on things. One thing that isnt safe is the drivers in this community. Most of them don't look both ways, and some even ignore stop signs.
Overall, Plainview has treated me well, and I hope it treats whomever the reader is.
So if you consider moving here, I recommend it! Go for it! (Just keep in mind that the houses are $$$)
it is a very quiet and peaceful neighborhood.
There are no hindrances or loud noise.
It is a very safe place to live with your family.
I haven't ran into any problems with neighbors or the town people.
There are lots of shops and food places to eat.
Very safe and boring neighborhood that's easy to leave from and go to more interesting places. Crowded with constant traffic. People can be rude, entitled and will run you down on major roads while walking or biking. If you go to the grocery store mid day its packed with people acting like there is a food shortage. All the necessities close by, solid library, but only (maybe) 2 bars. Nightlife above C? Boggles my mind.
Grew up here and moved back so I've done my time. Schools, safety and garbage pickup (they take anything- full couches, dead bodies & my old basketball hoop- ) the only benefits for high home prices and astronomical taxes. I'd rate it lower if I couldn't leave my doors unlocked and not worry. That changes and this drops to a 1.
Bethpage, massapequa, huntington, farmingdale all have more things to do with nicer people
I was born and raised in Plainview, attended Plainview public schools and work here as well. Plainview schools are excellent for all students whether they are high achievers or students in need of support. There are several supermarkets and good shopping here.
Great place to live; low crime rate; taxes aren’t bad compared to other towns on the island. I recommend living by the Washington Ave side of town more property, closer to schools, easy access to old country road and Jericho turnpike.
There is not a bad place to eat. The library is fantastic. Schools are fabulous. Everything you need is so close.
Very great place. Well maintained and managed. People are very friendly and kind. Lack of diversity.
Plainview is a family friendly town with an excellent school district. It is a safe town as well. The police are always driving around the neighborhoods. There is great shopping here as well.
Comfortable town with variety of store choices, houses of worship, good schools and summer camps, library, bus transportation, (Railroad is a 10 minute drive), several senior services groups, Mid-Island Y (has indoor pool)--- safe- stable population- near major highways --Unfortunately, school taxes are high and unwarranted (they are not providing anything more or better than NYC schools) hence, schools are very good, but not great
-Does not have its own police force and shares with neighboring towns- but quick and reliable when needed
-Volunteer Fire Dept
-Medical, Dental and Veterinarian services galore- Town has its own hospital which is part of a Network of North Shore/LIJ hospitals
*Numerous Eateries- Pizza, Bagels, Chinese
*Minimal Bars and Nightlife hangouts- Bagel Boss open 24 hrs/365 days
Several Large Supermarket Chains
*Cinema in planning for 2018
Plainview, in my opinion, is overall a great place to live. Although the prices to live here may be expensive, to me, it is worth it. Everything I need is right around the block and I received such a great base foundation in their public schools (from Kindergarten to 8th grade). The education I learned helped me to excel in a private, college-preparatory high school.
Fabulous town to live in and raise your family. Excellent public schools.
Friendly people in general and everyone tries to help get you orientated if you are new to town.
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There are not much problems with crime and safety in my town.
I like my hometown, it can be boring at times. It is very difficult for a teenager to get a job in my town.
I haven't had many issues with crime and safety in this area because it rarely occurs; however, whenever we have had issues involving the police, they were quick to arrive and help.
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