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I love Plainfield! It's in such close proximity to Avon. Stores are also close and nearby. There are a ton of eating establishments, as well.
Plainfield is one of the best places you can live in Indiana. There's so many parks, restaurants, and things to do while living here. Everyone lends a helping hand, and our community is very involved. Whether it's strolling down Hummel Park, catching a Plainfield sports game, or going to SkyZone, you'll never run out of enjoyment.
Best Place too Live and raise a family my experience there has always been a good one. Nice mall and movie theater good stores too shop at walking distance from the stores if you around where Walmart is people always friendly and nice they always are saying Hi and smile also great library there also there courtesy up standi town law enforcement is a call away Splash Island in the summer a reasonable price to go too.
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A beautiful up and coming place. The people are so friendly and you always feel safe. It is about 20 minutes from downtown Indianapolis with all sorts of activities and events going on year round. If anyone wants a nice new neighborhood or apartment look no further. The average cost for apartments are s little more expensive than the cities nearby but is justified because the majority of apartments locally are brand new and within walking ability to an outdoor mall and movie theater.
Plainfield is small, quiet, and safe. I've been here my entire life, and I love that it has grown so much from just cornfields.
Plainfield is a pretty good town to live in. The crime and safety grade is so low because most of the crimes in this area happen when you get closer to Indianapolis. There are a lot of things that you can do here, especially since we have a mall right in town. There are plenty of houses, and there is a little community inside of Plainfield which has really nice houses and shops outside of the mall. Great place to live!
I love the town, friendly people. Great restaurants around and shopping. School systems are very good.
Plainfield is a friendly environment. The businesses are conveniently close and the commute is over all not that bad
I love this little town and it has become even bigger adding a lot of neighborhoods and stores! I grew up here and it’s pretty safe and efficient little town!
Best described as a large small town. A growing community with a supportive members of society. The schools are good and the students are full of Red Pride Spirit.
There are great parks and trails that connect the city. There are employment opportunities, but a lot of them are warehouse positions. There is a nice aquatic center. The school system is also very good.
Good place too live good schools people are nice and friendly they need more rentals and a good place too get a job and splash island in the summer time is a blast. The police some officers are ok some not so ok courts are ok on some issues not all. I would live there again.
Plainfield is a suburb of Indianapolis. It is the closest commute to the Indianapolis airport and is roughly 20 minutes from the city. Plainfield offers loads of job opportunities to the community with the large warehouses and mall. The school corporation is excellent. Plainfield is also home to great parks and they are all connected via pathways to walk.
Plainfield, IN is growing and it's a good place to raise a family. Plenty of job opportunities as well.
Plainfield is a very easy going community with abundant churches. The school systems are wonderful. Plainfield has a really nice recreation center that sits on a trail line. The trail line extend from the suburbs into the metro area. Plainfield is a very family friendly community that offers many event for family outings. The town is very clean and orderly. Overall it is a very safe, clean and beautiful place to live.
Plainfield is an excellent town to raise a family. We have excellent schools, a variety of restaurants, and a multitude of employment opportunities. I would say the thing that is lacking is if you are looking for a town with "night life", as Plainfield is simply not that town. The parks and trails are also another major positive.
Plainfield is incredible. It isn’t the prettiest nor is it the richest. Plainfield has its issues but it also has history and things for the books. Plainfield has an amazing school cooperation and is clean and is all around a good place to raise your children with your perfect two story house and a picket fence. Plainfield is close to downtown Indy and you can get almost anywhere from the town. It does have both 40 and 70 running through it causing busy times but also meaning business. I wouldn’t change were I grew up for my life.
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I love the Plainfield community. I have lived there my whole life and it is a great town. It is well protected by the Hendricks county and plainfield police department. However, one thing I would change is the potholes. There are a lot of large potholes that can very easily damage tires and other car parts.
I grew up in Plainfield and had trouble at a young age with Diversity in the community. It's predominantly a white community. Plainfield has some good quality homes and apartments to rent at fair prices. Plainfield is a safer community, and I feel that the reason is due to the fact that there's a Police Academy in the heart. Certain times of day I don't usually speed due to the abundance of Law Enforcement in the area. I wouldn't rate the safety a 5 star, just because there is still crime here. One of the bigger ones that had impacted me and my little sister was the "Brian Kil" situation. For work there's plenty of Retail, Restaurant, Warehouse, and Construction Jobs in Plainfield right now. I'd rate the Nightlife a 2 star because there's not much to do in Plainfield for activities late at night. However, it's typically a 15-25 minute commute to Downtown Indy from Plainfield depending where you are in the area. That's why I'd say it's a 5 star on Commute Time.
I love living in Plainfield. I've lived here for 11 years. The school systems are good. It's not a far drive from Avon and there are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to eating out or shopping. The only thing that was horrible with Plainfield was the "Brian Kil" situation that happened which ended up being someone from California randomly targeting a student.
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