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Pittsfield Township Reviews

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Very small town so there are not many things to do. this town kind of bleeds into all the others around it. youngsville has mroe to do, about a 5 minute drive from the pittsfield post office. Go in the other direction and you'll find even less to do. A 25 minute drive to Warren will be your best bet for excitement
I love that our town has the "small town vibe". However, if we had more activities for young adults, there would be fewer parties and more responsible activities taking place.
I live in a small town with one small grocery store, alot of bars and churches. But we have a few nice restaurants and a local pharmacy. We have a small town but we can get everything we need here.
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This is more of a retirement community. There are few businesses here and a few large companies but that's it. Industry hasn't grown here. After graduation I would not be able to continue to live here.
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