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The city of bridges is full of beauty if you know where to look. Mount Washington and the Duquesne Incline is are my favorite landmarks in Pittsburgh. The food is decent, traffic can be rough, but nothing like New York or Los Angeles. Downtown, there are many homeless people. Several of them I've seen so often I recognize them at different spots. But again could be worse. One major thing I've noticed about yinzers, other than their accents, is their strong love of sports. In my town, there is literally a store dedicated to Pittsburgh sports. Lastly, one bit of trivia about Pittsburgh that becomes apparent on St. Patrick's day, is that we have the most bars per capita than any other city in the nation.
I love living in Pittsburgh!!! There is almost always something to do and most everyone here is proud to live in the city. My favorite part is the art and food. There are many small food businesses that all serve up a delicious and unique plate rather you're at Cilantro y Ajo on the South Side or Wings and a Prayer in East Liberty. When it comes to art you could always go downtown and walk the streets to see the public art or even get fancy and buy tickets for a show at the Heinz Hall or The Benedum Center.
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There is a lot of closed buildings and homeless people. It is sometimes not very clean. The bike trails are nice
It 's a really clean city, and there is so much to do when you are there whether its museums or going to any of the major league sports teams we hold.
The roads here are terrible, but overall this city is amazing. The food here does not even come close to the quality of food down South but the school systems up here make up for all of the negatives. My daughter goes to a amazing daycare. My son goes to a great elementary school and I go to one of the best mortuary programs in the country. I really can’t complain about this city cause it has been nothing but great to me and my children.
Pittsburgh is a very fun and safe city; however, it lacks things to do when you are of the younger age.
Pittsburgh has a little something for everyone. Great places to eat, plenty of parks for walk, run, or bike and take kids to. Also, the nightlife is great.
I believe Pittsburgh is average because of the environment. The crime rate in Pittsburgh is above fifty percent. The city can be dangerous because of the run - down towns. If the towns and people will improve, then the city will be safer.
I love Pittsburgh. Even though it's cold sometimes, there always something interesting to do. We have many local coffee shops and restaurants with amazing food. Everyone here is very accepting and there's a lot of diversity.
Pittsburgh is no longer a steelmill town but we are known now for our amazing healthcare system network, start-up communities, and we always have new restaurants popping up.
It's a beautiful area, I absolutely love the city, but you don't have to drive far to get to the outdoors, and there's many opportunities to do different things in one concentrated area.
It is not so safe city to live .There are some job opportunities but not as many as I hoped . One needs to get an advanced college degree to find a job. THE Price of housing is increasing tremendously as well as. Most of groceries and living in general.
Pittsburgh is a great little city made up of 20 to 30 neighborhoods where you get to know your neighbors and look after one another.
Pittsburgh is a city but with a small town feel. There are so many cultures and the different neighborhoods make it great to be able to experience the world in the small but great 412.
Pittsburgh has a lot of things to do. Is the city safe? No, you always have to be careful and watch your surroundings. The sights are beautiful and the museums are quite beautiful. However, it is a dirty city and a lot of the roads and sidewalks need to be repaired.
I think Pittsburgh is a great city to raise a family, especially if you love sports! However, over the years, I feel as though the safety aspect has gone down. There has been a lot of gun violence, which I know is somewhat common everywhere. Additionally, public schools in this area lack a lot of basic needs, like; school books, proper education and school supplies, teachers, technology, etc. I wish more money could be used for public education for those who yearn to learn and truly want better. There aren't too many opportunities for young adults or children to gain more academic knowledge or insight for the future. I also wish there were more after school programs or events so that kids wouldn’t have to rely on social media or other bad influences.
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It is a great city all around. It has an incredible skyline as well as many historical sites and great sports teams. It is an amazing city and a great place to visit.
Growing up in Pittsburgh has taught me a lot. My community was family oriented Everyone looked out for one another. The historical Hill District had a lot of firsts. I have encountered some of the kindest and rudest people but all in all I like it here.
Speaking in comparison with other cities, Pittsburgh is great. There are so many communities and experiences littered throughout downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. It's also a very tight knight city. There's a 99% chance you can find a personal connection between you and any random pedestrian on the street. One of the biggest flaws of Pittsburgh is certainly the transportation. It's dirty and the busses are very rarely on time. Not to mention there are too many busses in some areas, and little to none in others.
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