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I will put it this way, we have kids in 5th, 9th, an 11th grades. We have been here 2 years. And I cannot wait to leave. I have lived in many towns as a military spouse, and have never left less welcome. we are not 55 or over, do not golf, and as such do not seem to belong. Our added cross to bear is being a military family, pointed out by the kind gentleman who recently complained about the "military occupation". Little to do for teens or even older grade school kids unless it's a run you all ragged organized something. Summers are HOT and HUMID. I've never felt less successful in making our house feel like a home, and that largely stems from not feeling wanted in the community at all.
Pinehurst is a friendly, safe neighborhood with a rich golfing history. The Village of Pinehurst is home to some of the most famous golf courses in America, and downtown Pinehurst features iconic shops, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment events. Like most of the region, Pinehurst brims with pine trees, making the town decisively green. While the town itself does not offer many job opportunities (and I cannot say much for nightlife other than a few restaurants), you will find everything essential within a short drive.
Safe city to live. Not much to do for younger people. It has a small town feeling, but manages to have most of the essentials. There is usually an event to go to most times of the year.
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Pinehurst is a very friendly, family oriented community that offers a golf resort, plenty of different restaurants and kid friendly activities. There are a lot of different golf courses in the area and it is actually a bucket list destination to play golf. This is also near a military base so there are a lot of military families that live here. There are lots of kids activities such as races, festivals and a huge splash pad they can enjoy in the warmer months. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else, I absolutely love living here! The weather is pretty good year round and it's affordable.
Pinehurst is the most beautiful settle down place to be to raise a family. It's always something to do for the kids. All the people are friendly. It's a city, but it feel like the country how peaceful it is.
Pinehurst is a place that is peaceful and where people appreciate nature and outdoor living. We lived in Apex before moving here to retire. This has been a great choice for us. Although there are many retirees here, there are also young families.
Beautiful town and very family friendly. Excellent spot for retirement and raising small children. However, there is a problem with hardly any child care/ daycare's available. Hospital is close by and I've been told the school's are excellent. Community is very involved and there is always something to do. Plenty of work opportunities.
Pinehurst is a small and quaint English Village. It is comprised of mostly retired people who love to golf and drink wine, but it is a safe and family-friendly place. The villagers make it a point to keep tradition and hold fast to the tried and true rules of Pinehurst. The nightlife is practically non-existent, but neighboring towns make up for that. There is plenty to do, if you know the right places to look and your interests line up with golf, wine, and leisure time.
Pinehurst is a great place to raise your children, esp as a single mother. the community is very helpful and kind. It's a retirement community and life is very laid back, better schools
Beautiful golf resort town, with a lot of town run activities & events. The schools are over crowded and under funded, but a great area for retirees.
Pinehurst is very involved with the community, and the people in it. Pinehurst tries to attract people from around the world to come celebrate the beauty of it.
I am a native of the Pinehurst area, and as such can vouch for some positive aspects (good schools, relatively safe, well-kept area, excellent fine dining). However, the town is in flux—population has grown significantly in recent years and the towns seem befuddled as to how to adequately accommodate such growth. There is a definite conflict of interests happening between wanting to keep to small retirement/resort town feel while also endlessly building big houses for families with young children to buy. Small improvements are being made here and there but they are slow to come to fruition. Currently there is much debate on how to manage the increased traffic on the small town scenic roads and the landmark traffic circle. I personally am most frustrated with the lack of diversity, healthy fast-food eating options, and non-sport related extra curricular activities for young children.
There needs to more things for children to do. The area is growing and it is ery important to build more resources for children. There are a lot more military families now that are young and have young children. That is the only complaint I have about Pinehurst NC.
Pinehurst is a safe and cozy family community. Located near the golf course and Southern Pines, it is perfect for retirees and golf lovers. It's also within a short driving distance to all of the shopping centers in Aberdeen.
It is a nice area to live in, but somewhat limited in diversity and hip things to do. It is not a place for single people or young people. There is a nice food scene.
This is a small town filled with big hearts! Everyone (even strangers) treat you like their friend. There are so many community events and festivals all year round you won't have trouble finding something to do. This is also the home of golf.
Very pretty town, however, the people are cold as ice. Good luck finding work, unless you know someone. Extremely insular & inbred.
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I wish it was easier to find work around town. So many people live here with not as many jobs. The atmosphere is great, the people are very polite and respectful.
Excellent environment for growing families, beautiful landscaping, amazing hospital system. School systems have great education rankings and students have tremendous opportunity for sports and recreational activity. Real Estate property is booming and the homes are amazing. Several animal care facilities available for those with pets. Safe place to raise a family with just enough commercial necessity in Aberdeen to not have to travel far.
Pinehurst North Carolina is a very pleaseant place to live. It is a small town that is slow paced and quiet. If you enjoy nature walks, friendly neighbors, dog parks and fresh farm to table foods, then this is the right place for you. There isn't a whole lot for a young person who likes to be out in the scene to do in town, however, Raleigh and Fayetteville are both about an hour away and they have good bars and restaurants to go to. Overall I'd say this is a great place to live!
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