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It's a quiet and safe neighborhood. Plenty of options for food and outdoor fun. I do wish there were more sidewalks though.
In Oregon there isn't to much crime going on just little things such as graffiti.
right now there is a lot of construction going on, but other than that its a great area.
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The crime is a little to worry about with recent shootings. The fire departments do a great job with safety.
I enjoy living in the area I live in!
The weather is mild year round and there are beautiful mountains and lakes nearby. There is a world-class theatre near and plenty of fine dining.
Phoenix is a very mediocre town. The Pepelu is ice and the highway is slow.
I like living here over anywhere thus far
I am not worried in my neighborhood
We have four seasons, but none of them are too bad
Habenaros has a great bar and outside seating, also has taco Tuesday, taco Thursday and ladies night during the week and live music on the weekend.
I work at Habenaros, they treat me very well and I enjoy working there.
Farmers market in Phoenix Oregon
A few of my friends have told me about them finding jobs at places like McDonalds, and other restaurants. One of my buddies got fired for not knowing the menu good enough at the place he worked.
There is two Mexican restaurants and no others. One bar, but that doesn't effect me at all since I am under aged, and don't like to drink that often as well. There is a Ray's Food Place which can be a little pricy, but they have all of your grocery needs and then some. Home Depot is an awesome place to pick up things you need around the house, and to fix things. Everything else is in between.
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