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I have been living here all of my life ,and not one bad experience. This is the most safest neighborhood in my opinion. Phoenix is a very clean place to live with not as much trash lying on the ground like other places. This was the dream place to grow up ,because it was no violence in the area which means it's no worries to criminals in the area of phoenix.
I like my city, they welcomed me with opened arms. The best experience was when I moved in, you would have thought it was out of movies my neighbors greeted me with open arms. I thought I was in Arkansas the people friendly and helpful. Everyone looks out for each other and you know who is who in your village.
For this small community all the local businesses are ones that are use by everyone.

There is a gas station, laundry mat, babershop, beautyshop, and convience store.
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There are a lot of job with in a 15 mile radius of where I live. This community is only 9 blocks long, so there no jobs within the community except at the local gas station. But within 15 miles you can reach a area where there are several stores with jobs
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