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The people were are really friendly and welcoming. There is a lot of diversity and cultural activities here. The food is great and there are lots of restaurants around. The city is also really convenient with good transportation and a lot of places are walkable, especially around the center city. The architecture is beautiful here, which is to be expected given this city's historical significance. The only drawback is that safety is an issue in certain neighborhoods.
Philadelphia, specifically University City, is a beautifully diverse and exciting place to live.

Very walkable, so much to see and do, even with current restrictions due to Covid.

My favorite parts about living here are the amazing food and entertainment within the City, and also the wonderful hiking and outdoor adventure opportunities within a short drive.
I love this city, it is significantly more manageable than other major cities (you could literally walk all of Philly in a day). The only downside is the subway system being closed earlier/not operating all night. But, there are busses and trolley lines so you are never truly stuck anywhere.
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I love Philadelphia. I have lived in this city my entire life, and I would not want it any other way! I am planning on attending a university in, or very close to, Philadelphia because I have always had an amazing experience here. I was born and raised here, and I have lived here for 18 years. It is my goal to have a career as a pediatric nurse at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. It is one of the leading pediatric hospitals in the nation, and this is just one of the aspects that Philadelphia can boast about. Another great factor is the lively atmosphere created by the inhabitants of the city. Being a fan of the sports in Philly is an experience unlike any other. The fans will bluntly put the athletes in their place when they are dissatisfied with their performance, but we have the greatest celebrations when they are successful! There are countless reasons to love this city, and I have made some of the best memories here. I would not want to be raised in any other place.
I love Philadelphia, I have lived in many other cities but there is none quite like this. The cost of living is fair, the food is fantastic and the community in unmatched.
Philly's diversity and culture are what makes it super fun. The art and music scene is also very good.
There is just something about this city. I moved up here from south Florida and I got a bunch of crap for it. Why would I want to freeze my butt off in the winter when I have Florida to call home. Between the Philadelphia Flyers, the old Italians, the Asian markets and tons of people from all over I found something in this city that I love. I'll be here for a few more years for sure.
best city to live good police and ems just a good city overall lovely one of the best place to come and visit.
That I has alot of sight seeing places and good food places. It has lot of public transportation to get to places you want to go to.
I have lived in the city of brotherly love for 18 years and have enjoyed every day of it. We are a diverse city. From sports teams to creative arts, Philadelphia has it all. We have a lot of history that has been our pride for over 300 years.
I like the racial diversity that Philadelphia has to offer. In part because I, myself, am a minority and can relate to a lot of political activisms that are happening.
I have lived in Philadelphia my entire life and it is the city I call home. I live in Mount Airy and it's a great neighborhood that is close to transportation, good schools, great neighbors, and has wonderful local stores and resturaunts.
I am impressed by the inclusiveness of the city. I enjoy living here. It has many cultural sites as well as accessability to Health facilities.
It is a fun city with lots to do, you can go sight seeing because of all the monuments to our nation around the city, or you can get good food.
community gatherings have gotten stronger. People are starting to get more involved with the things going on around them. If only they would do it in a manner that people that are not participating or closes by are not in risk of getting harmed or injured when things take a turn for the worst.
You can’t beat the City of Brotherly Love! All are welcome, all are loved. Cheesesteaks are just one of the highlights.
I like that it is a city with a lot of opportunities, but isn't crazily large like NYC ad much more affordable to live.
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I LOVE PHILLY. We have so much rich history and culture. There is no denying that our city is alive and vibrant. We are known all around America for being lovers and fighters for what is right. Everything from sports to our local food is ICONIC. We have very diverse neighborhoods, but we all love each other and protect each other.
I love Philadelphia, as it is a diverse and loving city. Center City is my favorite place because of its vast options of activities.
Philadelphia is an incredible city full of heart, culture, history and great food! I moved here after college only expecting to live here for a year or so. Fast forward six years later, I am still here about to start the career of my dreams and married to my best friend. This city has given me a life I never imagined between the work opportunities I've been able to pursue and the unique people I've been able to connect with.
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