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Lived here all my life! Love my city as most Philly natives do, but I want to move away. I will definitely miss the cheesesteaks, tasty cakes, and cherry soda!
I love the affordability and diversity in most of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods. There are still issues of gentrification and segregation like all major American cities but many people work to change these things everyday. I’ve been to a lot of other American cities where entire neighborhoods are white or black or Asian and they’re entirely segregated where as in Philadelphia residents can change racially and ethnically block to block.
Philadelphia is a fun, interesting place to live. People are friendly and open-minded, and the city is diverse in many ways. There is also a lot of green space and the city is becoming more and more bike friendly. One complaint I have is the amount of trash in public spaces. There is more litter here than anywhere else I've ever lived. That is my biggest complaint.
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I have not lived in Philadelphia all my life. I am originally from a small country called Lebanon and all of my family members live there. Due to the circumstances at the time my parents decided to leave their home land and live in a more safe environment for their future children. Growing up in Philadelphia gave me the opportunity to learn about many nationalities, religions, and sexualities that I was never really was introduced to in Lebanon. I will be forever grateful Philadelphia expanded my knowledge about others to become more open-minded. Today, I use my knowledge to be an advocate for injustices around my community. As many of us know, the African American community has been targeted by police for many years. How I voice this injustice is by signing protections and participating in matches, and staying updated. I believe that the environment Philadelphia provided me with shaped my mind to what it is today.
Corrupt police force. Gentrification. There are some beautiful places to see but the cities corruption is hard to ignore.
My overall experience in Philadelphia has been pretty average. I like that Philadelphia has neighborhoods that are close nit. One thing I want to see in the city is the peace increase because there are hundreds of shootings each year. I'll feel better once the violence goes down and my loved ones are safe.
Philadelphia has the potential to be viewed as an exceptionally beautiful city. However, I live in Germantown and the city is full of trash. It's infested with trash on the side of the highways, on the college campuses and around every street you turn. Cleanliness doesn't even exist. It's a very sad scene. Philadelphia is a very historic part of Pennsylvania and I would love to see the the Mayors and residents come together to make a difference in the community.
I like diversity of the city. Safety is my biggest concern and I hope that with new police reforms the situation will get better.
The city is beautiful to be around. You can run into some amazing people, but also some very rude people. You can imagine the city is filled with homeless people so the physical features of the city aren't too great.
Philadelphia is a heavily populated city. There is a lot to do here, which can be beneficial and also a detriment. Certain parts of Philly are nicer than others, but overall, it's a great city.
My experience in Philadelphia was wonderful. The thing I loved most about Philly was being close to my amazing family. I also liked how everyone in Philly was so friendly and kind. The only flaws Philadelphia has is not having a nice vacation place. So if I could change one thing about Philadelphia, it would be to add a beach or a big water park!
In my part of the town it is a bit quiet. I like the area I live but would like if the city would clean up more and fix more pot holes
Well, I am a born and raised Philadelphian, and I love my city. There are tons of great things to do around the city. It has our nation's original buildings where our Founding Fathers have fought for and signed the Declaration of Independence, not to mention the delicious cheese steaks (if any other state calls their steak sandwiches a Philly Cheese Steak, they are flat out wrong and you are not eating an original).
Good love it here but I love to move on day . 0philadphia I great the music the love . The places to eat you just gotta know where to go and where to get the food
I'm a 53 year old single mother of a 26 year old son who graduated from Morehouse college in 2017 who was born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and proud to say that my city is Known for the city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly affection
I like the city a lot, it's growing! Fun, diverse people. Philly is full of fun restaurants and bars.
Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love. I was born and grew up in Philly and it has been the best experience.
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I love philadelphia, there's not much to do but at the same time there's a lot to do. I wouldn't want to be from any other in the, imagine being from Jersey that would be really sad. there lots of parks, also there's plenty of memorial places. Center city is a good place to go for a walk , you can shop, eat, and go sight seeing all at once. Philly is a wonderful place.
Philly has a ton of museums, art galleries, and historical landmarks. The Fairmont Park System ensures that you are never far from a green walking experience. And Lorenzo Brothers' Pizza is the best pizza in the US.

The downsides are all the big city complaints. Parking is a nightmare. Public transit is great in the City Center but peters off towards the outskirts. And the people are friendly in a blunt way.
Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love for me. Music, culture, food, etc., they have it all here in this city. Chinatown is the most hangout place for teens and families to enjoy and have fun together. I love it because you meet so many different people and have fun with your friends and/or families. Philadelphia has a lot of history and the Philadelphia Art Museum. That place has many art pieces and historic ones too. Don't miss out on the opportunity and chance to go there and enjoy it too.
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