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There are a lot of people so there's a lot of traffic and long commuting time. It can be unsafe depending on the neighborhood. There are several good schools in Philadephia.
I absolutely love the people and it is one my favorite cities for sure. I would not want to be going to school anywhere else. I believe that the infrastructure needs work; we need better management.
Philadelphia is a beautiful city with its pros and cons. The city boasts iconic art and architecture, from the LOVE statue to the Art Museum. If you can afford housing in nicer areas of the city, life would be much easier for you. The city is diverse, but neighborhoods tend to adhere to color lines. The city overall is quite poor; 25.7% of people are below the poverty line. The city reflects this in the dirty streets and public transportation. Many parts of the city are suffering from drug epidemics, making them unsafe. The education system is in need of reform. Despite all of this, Philadelphia is still home. There is a sense of comradery, especially when sporting events are involved. There is a spirit of resilience, the desire to thrive no matter what other people say. There is a sense of unity in the City of Brotherly (and sisterly) Love. Philadelphia, with all its uncontrollable problems and welcoming neighbors and general rowdiness, is still home.
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As someone who has lived here for over a decade. The city is constantly changing everyday. There are many people coming from all over to live here as they find it convenient with jobs and being able to get around.
I've live in Philadelphia all my life. I have 2 wonder parents that couldn't really afford to pay for our Catholic education because the public school are over crowed, and you never received books just copies of pages from a textbook. They did what they could. This city like any other city crime is high in the bad neighbors. But thank God we live in a better neighbor. Philadelphia has a lot of historical places that a lot of people visit. Lots of restaurants to choose from, live entertainment, parks, and beautiful parks to walk and ride bikes with your family.
Well diverse area and everyone helps and looks out for their neighbors. I was born and raised here and plan on staying put when I graduate college. The city has a lot to offer and has a lot of good food to eat.
Diversity in culture, religion, political affiliation,'s definitely here. The public transit system is pretty great albeit expensive. Off the bat, I'll say the school district is seriously under-serving our students. Additionally, gentrification plays a huge role here, and that's something else I'd like to see slow. Residents are being displaced physically, economically, and socially. I have outgrown it and am actively trying to leave. I know people who love it and will die here, it's no longer for me.
Philadelphia is the best city for its various amount of art and culture museums. Anything the the Constitution Center to the amazing Franklin Institute you can find that any topic of interest has an exhibit in Philadelphia.
the city of Philadelphia is a ok just depends on the part of the city you live in.
Different neighborhoods a better then other.
Pretty quiet for the east coast. The center city area is active but It's more for people interested in our nations history. If you came for the night life scene, you will probably be disappointed. A lot of Nice dining experiences and museums. Family friendly town.
Philadelphia is filled with diversity in people, neighborhoods, schools, food and culture. You can find whatever you are looking for as there is a place for everything and everyone. There are interesting new events happening allover Philly every weekend. There is so much history, job opportunities and cool things to do everywhere... but there is still much work to do in environmental, educational, socioeconomic systemic oppression in certain areas. Overall Philadelphia, the birthplace of the American Flag, Constitution, City Hall, Liberty Bell, The oldest zoo in America, some of the best universities in the country, cheesesteaks, brotherly love (and much more) is a wonderful place to call home or visit.
Its like a cuter, nicer smelling New York. There was a ton of murals around the city which really gave it a creative feel. It really is a university city with colleges and students around every corner. The subway is available but walking to where you need to be is very easy.
Very affordable. Accessible to so many big cities- Boston, New York, Baltimore, DC, etc. The city is growing more and more each and every day. Great food scene. A lot of open green space/parks.
I have lived in Philadelphia for all of my 22 years of living. Although there are some things that could be changed about the city, such as the numerous potholes and narrow roads, Philly has great schools and job opportunities here. Also, in comparison to other large cities such as NYC, Philly is tremendously walkable city. It has so many cites and activities such as attractions and museums. Philly is also a very diverse city with all sorts of people and cultures.
In Philadelphia you will meet a diverse group of people. Although the public schools have a ways to go, our colleges and universities are one of the best. Many opportunities lie in this city, however we also have a long way to go to improve on safety and public education for our elementary, middle, and high schools.
There are so many things to do living in Philadelphia since the city is so big. There should never be a time when someone says they can't do anything out here because there is always entertainment somewhere. However, I'm starting to look at Philadelphia a little different because multiple people are killing each other no matter the age. Everyday someone new is dying and it makes me want to leave the city soon or at least try to help the community in any way possible.
Very nice area however some of the people here don't seem interested or passionate about improving the area as they seem to prefer letting everyone see the hardships they've faced in the past.
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From a young age my grandmother has taught me to love the intricate history and overwhelming energy that flows through the Philadelphian streets, from the anticipation of the day to come, to the lit skyline that stands against the cotton candy painted evening. While the city of brotherly love is beautiful, Philadelphia also has the tendency to meet it residents with some faults. As many Philadelphians know, the expression of ones identity is more than welcome in this city, however, the budget cuts of the visual and performing arts programs in public schools are preventing students from not only pursuing those safe outlets of expression, but also restraining them from excelling in those careers. By taking away these activities, children could turn to unhealthy habits but, if the school district treated these programs with care, the youth could add onto the rich and authentic history that Philadelphia has to offer by writing their own stories.
Lots to do here, particularly in Center City, and public transportation is convenient. In terms of safety, depends on which area you're in.
I have lived in Philadelphia all of my life and sometimes have been greater than others. I love living in Philadelphia because its the only place I have ever called home, but something I don't like about Philadelphia is the crime. In my neighborhood there is crime and it can sometimes be overwhelming because I don't want to be outside to late or travel to certain areas.
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