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Life in the valley is cheaper than in other places, this would include Pharr. Pharr is a bustling area next to McAllen and the other cities.
I have lived in Pharr my entire life. I feel sheltered and would love to see a school system that in innovative and forward thinking for my children to attend.
Comfortable place to live despite the heat. During the winter, the weather is perfect for going outside since it isn't too hot nor cold. People are nice too
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Love it, a small town that is not quite as small as the stereotypical small towns. Very Pro-business and fulfills necessities but I will admit that the place could have more recreational activities. Other than that, the city is charming and very nice to live in.
It is a very lovely city. The culture here is very pretty and it can be seen everywhere. It is very safe, everyone is friendly, the food, as well as the schools are amazing.
I liked the amount of time the officials here put into the education of our schools here in Pharr. The way the local country is so invested in the schools in the city is an upgrade compared to others. They really do put time and effort into special events for the citizens to enjoy.
It is a relatively small town that is developing rapidly. In recent years it has seen an influx of new and highly lucrative businesses. Previously, if you wanted any type of entertainment or food you had to drive to neighboring cities, this is not the case now. Pharr is currently home to various eateries and stores as well as a rather large movie theater. The surrounding school of PSJA independent school district has made the move to provide early exposure to college classes as well as gearing up the students to flourish in further education. The school district has also teamed up with local colleges to allow students to learn skills and earn college degrees that will place students on a fast track to careers. Furthermore, the city officials are constantly pushing to make improvements in the city and the city population. The mayor of the city is a former alumni of the PSJA independent school district, alumni of the local college, Dr. of pedi. surgery, as well as a local businessman.
I’ve lived here for about all my life now and it’s part of me now I guess. Maybe I’ll move in another time but right now I’m here.
It is a very friendly community. I really like the fact that the people are very involved in helping each other in anything and everything. My family and I really enjoy all the activities the city plans for its residents.
I absolutely love Pharr, the community is so close knit and the people are truly amazing. I have lived in Pharr my whole life and will always consider it home, overall, great town, great people and very safe!
The residents are very friendly and help each other out. The Pharr city department is really helpful.
Pharr is a great place for your children to get an education. There are a number of excellent, highly rated schools in the local public school system. There are also a number of charter school systems that have been highly rated nationally.
Pharr also has a wide variety of restaurants, stores and parks. It is also just the right size!
City has been growing, businesses, schools, and citizens have improved. I enjoy being a resident here.
I would say there are things to do, but to have fun you would go to Mcallen, Texas. Like there might be a cool place, but you would definitely go to any other city nearby.
A calm and community union like family close to each other with lots of interesting things to do,especially lots of places to eat strong on the food culture.
I really like Pharr, I study here almost my entire life, my friends and family live here, is a good place and the community is nice they live in a environment of respect and honesty.
it is a nice place to live an if you want to have close contact whit mexican community the people usually is really nice and ther is nice place to visit her whit the fmily
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I Love working with children help them am successful in life and i went to IDEA College Prep San Juan back in 2009 through 2013 for my high school years. I graduated from South Texas College with associates degree secondary education and Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Associate of Applied Science. Plus I have Certificates in Substitute Teacher and Teacher Assistant.
Pharr is a city full of culture. I have lived here all of my life and even though it hurts to say it, there is a lot of things to be worked on.
I have grown up in this town most of my life. I feel pretty safe here despite living in the "bad side of town". There are limited things to do in the city if I'm being honest. I live a good 10 minutes from city hall which is where most events take place. I have really enjoyed living in my city and enjoy the community.
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