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I have lived here almost my entire life and it is one of the safest places you can be. The school system is amazing with both students and staff. The town is completely perfect with both a cute boutique side as well as a business side. You can easily spend so much time here.
Pewaukee is a good suburb to live in when just starting out. It is affordable with many things to do in the summer. There are many programs to get involved in and many local parks that are dog friendly!
I love living in the Village of Pewaukee. It's very safe and peaceful here. Country living with quick access to the freeway to go wherever your heart desires. Convenient shopping areas, a beautiful beach at Pewaukee Lake, and friendly people. I love living here.
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Pewaukee is a safe friendly and inviting community. Easy access to Pewaukee Lake makes this quaint town seem like paradise. There is always something to do around the lake and plenty of small businesses to support. Overall, Pewaukee is a terrific town.
Pewaukee is an excellent place to visit as well as live. There are a town of small local shops that are inviting to everyone. The traffic does get heavy at times so be careful if you are a bike rider or runner. Overall, I love it!
There is rarely crime in the area and when there is, the police are very responsive and professional.
The area is a great place to live and I cannot see myself living anywhere else.
Although I don't pay bills out here but I think the prices a little to high especially living in an apartment. Washing clothes every two weeks is around $15.00 and sometimes they dryers don't even do it's job. The apartments have nice space but some of them are designed very weird.
It's tolerable for a teenager like myself who doesn't drive. It's hard to walk places without sidewalks and they don't have a pubic transport system out here. This area has very little crime and is very quiet. The sex offenders in this area are greatly supervised.
There's isn't a lot of crimes that happen in Pewaukee. The type of crimes that I notice around here are speeding tickets and people getting busted for having illegal drugs on them or sex offenders trying to snatch u children.
There's not a lot of black families out here and we had some incidents from people yelling out racial slurs and writing swastikas on my neighbors cars, but other than that it's pretty safe. Those things don't happen very often just every blue moon.
I really enjoy this area. I feel like: work opportunities are good, the people seem pretty friendly, I haven't seen a lot of crime, there are always things to do by home or very close surrounding areas, it's clean and the highways are nice. My only complaint is that I live in the mid-west and would like to experience different whether preferably out by California.
There are a lot of small businesses, and large ones also, in the community where it's easy for anyone of any age to find a job.
One popular store in Pewaukee would be the boutique Harvest Home which is located on Capitol Dr. on your way towards Pewaukee Lake. It offers home decor, clothing, jewelry, paint, and cards at a reasonable/affordable price. Another great store would be The Wooden Hanger which is a consignment shop, located one block left of Pewaukee Lake, and offers consigned clothing in newer condition at an affordable price. You can always get everything you need in this area because there is everything around here. Some everyday stores include, WalMart, Pick n' Save, Walgreens, Office Max, Sport Clips, Pet Smart, Tuesday Morning, and Menards and lots more. Restaurants include, a drive through Panera, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Elite Nutrition, Noodles, Starbucks, Subway, Five Guys, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dickey's, Applebees, Asiana (hibachi style Chinese), Pizza Hut, Chocolate Factory, and Rosatti's Pizza. Other local businesses include, The Family Restaurant (serves breakfast, lunch and dinner), Bubba's (frozen custard and burgers), Docs Dry Doc (On the lake-pizzeria and bar), Park Avenue Pizza, Bank of Memories and Flowers, Spargo Salon and Spa, and lots more.
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