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I like that Peru is a small town, a good place to grow up. It isn't like your bigger cities, in fact, many people don't even bother locking their doors at night. Everyone knows everyone, so things are spread a lot but that is expected in small towns like Peru. A safe, quiet place to grow up.
I love the small town feel of Peru. Everyone is well acclimated with each other. We are all a family. I would like to see more advances in our town, such as more businesses and job openings for others in need in our community.
I have lived in Peru for 10 years. I raised my children in this area and love that it has a small hometown feeling. The people in our community are so friendly and love to help each other out. The best part is it is the Circus City Capital of the World.
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Peru is a small town that makes you feel important and gives you a sense of belonging! From all the friendly faces I have seen every day at work, to he most friendly mailman ever, you can't help but smile!
I like the small town living. I live on the outskirts of town. I wish there were more restaurants as opposed to fast food and maybe some other places to shop besides Kmart.
Peru is a small town we are the Circus Capital of the World that brings people from all over the United states to watch our hometown circus that our kids work so hard to put on. If I could change one thing about our city is that we need more things like a skating rink, bowling alley, or a community pool. There is just nothing here for our kids. Sure the circus is great but it is not for everyone and it is for one week only in the summer.
It is a decent town, not a lot happens around there, but people are trying to make new and exciting things happen in it. However, there are still many people that are set in their ways that do not want to make changes or participate in events in town that make the community come together, which is sad. However, the people seem to keep their ways to boost local businesses, instead of letting bigger corporations take over and make people loose their businesses/jobs.
I have lived in Peru for the past two years now with my husband and children. Peru is the Circus City Capitol of the World! The community surrounding the Peru area is tight-knit and a perfect place to raise my children.
Peru is also known as "Circus City." Good schools, night life is good for me but I am a 37 year old man. Fast commute time, and a very friendly place.
There is absolutely nothing going on in the small town of Peru. It is a nice little community though, with Grissom Air Force Base.
I was born and raised in Peru. At 18 years of age, I could think of nothing but leaving the town. After 6 years in the Marines, 4 years in Los Angeles, 3 years in Chicago and a year in Memphis, all I could think about was moving back to my hometown. At 46 years old presently, I am thankful for being able to raise my own children in this quiet mid-western town. While there aren't many job opportunities, it's still safe, quiet and a very friendly community where others go out of their way to help others. Could not imagine living anywhere else.
I love living in Peru it's quiet and peaceful. Its small everything is in walking distance. The only thing i would change are job opportunities and stores in town.
Peru has a lovely view. Many outdoor activities to do. Peru is the circus capital of the world. The largest amateur circus made up of entirely children up to 19 years old.
this town is very small and doesnt have really too much to do.
not much crime in this town just usual small things.
it has its good points and everyone basically knows everyone in town which isn"t really all that bad/
It needs maintenance to make the town look nice.
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The town is scared to expand.
i have lived in this area for almost 2 years now, i have not had any issues to which i needed to call the police. as with any town there are issues of drugs, but its not like it is in the bigger cities. i see police driving the streets, i have not had any issues to have them respond so i don't know about response times. at this time i have no concerns about criminal activity in this town. In my opinion this is a very safe town.
i much prefer small towns. i recently moved to this small town (approx. 2 years now) for the benefit of my grandchildren. it is all i wanted it to be. not a lo of crime, and a lot of community involvement. i would chose to live here all over again, in fact i want to say i wish i had moved here when my child was younger but that would have changed a lot of things in her and my life. i don't know about the political history of this town, but i know that this town has recently elected a new mayor and hopefully things will be looking up. i would like this town (Peru IN) be the same but unfortunately we must move on and that means we must grow. i just hope that we don't grow and lose the small town atmosphere. we are known as the "circus capital of the world"
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