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The police are working hard to shut down methamphetamine producers in the area and have busted quite a few recently.
I love the area. It is a very small town and everyone knows everyone. This creates a unique bond between residents. The school was not the best in past years but is getting increasingly better with new administrators and teachers.
Public services in this area are okay but it could use a lot of improvements.
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We experience all four seasons. Winter can get bad with severe blizzards. Also we experience tornados and severe weather.
There are hardly any job opportunities in this area.
There are only like five restaurants in the whole town. There is a new restaurant that is also a bar. That is the only "nightlife" in the town.
The town is so small so the businesses are very limited. There is no Walmart or clothing store within 15 miles. There are two grocery stores, about five restaurants, and three gas stations. The most popular restaurant is a Mexican restaurant. It would be nice to have a clothing store closer to the town.
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