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There are many things about Peoria that are good, but there are an overwhelming parts about Peoria that are bad. The areas of Peoria that provide entertainment are in bad areas of town. Night life is almost non-existent. There are multiple things for the family to do, but only a few things that are unique to the area.
Peoria is a wonderful community to live and raise a family. From its numerous parks and trails to the low cost of living and commute times. While many national entertainment acts come play in Peoria, it obviously does not have the abundance that big cities have. However, Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Milwaukee are all a half a days drive away. So, you can enjoy those big cities too, but not have to deal with all the time stuck in traffic living in them. Time that can be better spent with family. Public and private schools are good. If you enjoy all four seasons of weather, Peoria also has you covered.
I have lived in Peoria for two years. The experience is very new to me considering that I have never lived in an apartment environment before. I like how diverse this city is. From my experience, it is more diverse than most places where I have lived. I would like to see more control in terms of safety. There are times when you always have a feeling of unease in certain areas because you don't feel safe.
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It's a very populous yet respectful, quiet, and dare I say, normal town. There are plenty of restaurants and gyms, the neighborhoods and parks are very diverse, and it is a great place to live.
I grew up in Peoria, I generally like it here for the most part. I would like to see Peoria bring back jobs and opportunities for the younger generations to have things to do ... Such as after school programs, activities andWeekend recreational facilities.
I liked that it was relatively safe. I fit in pretty quickly, which came as a surprise. However, there is a problem with segregation that I can not ignore. Those who live in the lower income neighborhoods go to the schools that don't have good academics. At my school, there was an obvious majority black and Hispanic population.
In Peoria, I appreciate the small-town feel of the friendliness of small businesses and workers, and the opportunities it brings being near larger cities like Chicago. Unfortunately, the tax rate here is very high as well as gas prices.
Peoria is a nice place to call home. It has a very rich history and a vibrant culture for a city of its size.
I've been raised in Peoria all my life. It is not perfect but it's still my home. The people here are very nice, and there's tons of diversity.
There are parts of Peoria that I really enjoy and parts that can be very dangerous. There are often shootings.
I have been told that there are only two reasons people end up in Peoria: family or Caterpillar Inc. In my case, it was because of the work opportunities that Caterpillar offered. Many can speak to the nice and impressive schools of Dunlap (a town right outside of Peoria) but when you are talking about Peoria, District 150 schools' administration is not at all aware of the problems or situations happening in the schools.
Going to school at Bradley University is a great time. The cops that are on campus keep you safe and ensure that students are taken care of. The teachers here truly care about your education and will do whatever they can to help you. I live in a house just across from campus and stay here for the breaks. My house just got robbed by my next door neighbors. The house right next to me is a half way house and this explains a lot. I wish the campus would have better watchs over break and inform students better about there surroundings.
Peoria was a great place to grow up, I loved all the people I was surrounded by and the things we found to do in Peoria. Sometimes you have to look harder to find things to do, but they are typically there.
I came from a small town in MN, and what i can say that Peoria has to offer is amazing. I have seen how much teachers are patient and caring for students education and how beautiful the city is.
Peoria is a small town compared to Chicago, yet it is a bustling city compared to the rest of Illinois. Full of things to do and see, Peoria has many shops and fun activities to do both indoors and outside.
I lived in Peoria for 7 years and left 18 years ago. The city was sub-par then and it has only gotten worse. Peoria has a rich history. judging by historic photos is was a vibrant and beautiful. Unfortunately, through the 60's and 70's, the town tried to modernize itself with some very large construction projects, culminating with the hideous Civic Center in the early 80s. In he process all the historic neighborhoods were wiped out. Take a look at the downtown area with Google street view and you'll see what I mean: All human activities and historic charm have been wiped out to make room for parking lots and sterile towers.
I have lived here all my life. Peoria has a lot of interesting things to do during the warm times of the year. There are tons of trails and parks that can be explored. There are museums and exhibits that can be visited. Peoria is a small city where everyone knows each other. Many places bring people together, such as the Riverplex, The Clubs at River City, and other recreational areas.
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Peoria is the worst place to live if you like to get out and have fun. Taxes are high. Everything is overpriced. Schools lacks in academic. There is nothing to do here very boring place. Same boring overpriced zoo thats been around since I was a child were half the animals are dead or sick. No recreation here at all. Living here is like living in a big shit hole.
Cost of living here is low. Roads are shit. Always have fast food jobs available. If you want something to do visit St. Louis or Chicago instead.
Peoria is a poor replica of any big city in the U.S. The nightlife is subpar, and the city seems to only create more crime than is already in Illinois. There are some great parts and some not-so-great parts.
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