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I live in North Peoria. It's an excellent area, very safe, lots of amenities; however, because the area is so new, there are not a lot of options for food, shopping, medical care, etc. Once the area is further developed, it will be wonderful.
Peoria is a fast growing community that is just a short drive from many food and shopping places. It is family friendly with multiple schools in the area and there are always sports going on at community parks. The upkeep of the community has continued to be positive for many years and everyone looks out for one another.
Great place for sports, family. Very safe, great home resale. Schoo lo s are high level with great programs
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I had lived there for bout three years. It is a safe neighborhood that is close to almost everything. It is very clean and the people there are very nice.
Peoria is a relatively quiet suburb here in Arizona with a pretty decent overall neighborhood safety, but the public schools here need more funding but it is also a statewide problem, districts aside. The neighborhoods themselves are relatively nice and no complaints about the people, but the nightlife itself is okay at best. I would hope to see public schools get the funding they deserve here, but it's pretty okay aside from that.
Peoria is a great place to live and go to school! I attended school here through 12th grade. My school experience was very good.
I love Peoria because it is a beautiful suburb that always seems to be well maintained. The streets are nice, the neighborhoods blend in beautifully with the desert landscape, and the schools are some of the best in the Phoenix Metro. The Peoria Sports Complex is a local fan favorite for graduation ceremonies, spring training, concerts, and other events that bring the community together. Not to mention, Lake Pleasant is one of the most popular weekend getaways in Arizona for families, friends, and water enthusiasts alike. Overall, Peoria is a city I am very proud to call my home because of its hometown feel and all the activities that it offers and the people that make it great.
The community is really great and the city is beautiful. There are lots of nice home builders and a big shopping center nearby.
I have basically grown up here in Peoria. It is a good area to raise a family as there is multiple schools in the area to choose from, several of which have fantastic special needs programs as well. There is plenty of shopping malls and restaurants in the area too.
Most of the areas are very quiet and quaint. I live in a more elderly uprising. I’m one of few households that range in the mid adult age group. Not much traffic and things are pretty identifiable. It’s not an “everyone knows everyone” town, however, businesses and schools are only 2-5 minutes away in each direction. The school my daughter goes to is amazing. They have done so much for her even during the corona virus pandemic. I love living on the north side of Peoria and I wouldn’t change my location at all.
Living in Peoria is awesome. There’s so many things to do from Westgate to Casinos. All the restaurants and bars are within walking distance and so is my job so I love living here in Peoria.
It’s a generally quiet suburban neighborhood. It is very diverse and with that comes a mix of really nice new neighborhoods and older rougher areas as well. Overall, a decent place to raise a family.
I currently live in Peoria - it is a very peaceful, safe community. There is easy access to many different facilities, and no shortage of stores/locations to visit. Whether it be to look for homes, find a suitable job, or spend free time browsing through stores, Peoria has it all!
Peoria is a great city to live in. It's ever-changing and always very community based which everyone can benefit from. I have made so many friends in this city and everyone is always so kind.
Peoria was an absolute delight and completely changed my way of looking at ethics, values, culture and the fragility of man. Having lived in Peoria, I now strive forward to conquer all obstacles in my path with renewed dedication and unwavering commitment.
There are a lot of racist old people here. The cops will bug you for no reason too. It’s very upsetting and it makes me want to move. On the other hand there are some great people and great food in this area.
I am born and raised in Arizona and have been living in this area all of my life. I was blessed with an amazing child hood and I believe this area plays a big part in that. To this day, I am friends with most of the people that I grew up with. The neighborhoods I lived in were all very nice. The weather in Phoenix is very hot, but sometimes it isn't such a bad thing, especially during the winter. There are also fun activities to do in Peoria such as, swim, attend spring training games, go hiking, etc. And everything is very close together which is also nice. It is only a short drive to go to Scottsdale for a nice lunch, or to any professional sporting event.
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Its a reasonably sized town with not much to do in it, I attended high school in Peoria as well and it was decent. there's really not much to do in Peoria besides go to the the grocery store and visit a few fast food joints/ restaurants
I lived in Peoria for about 5 years and it is a lovely area. Everyone is very friendly and easy going.
I love the public school for my kids. It’s quite most of the time. Nice experience here. I plan on staying in this area to raise my kids
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