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Pennsauken Township Reviews

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Pennsauken township is a safe and awesome place to live. It also have an excellent school system. The people are kind and generous with lots of enthusiasm. I would like to see more after school activity centers for students to experience get help with homework etc,.
I've only moved to this town in July 2018. So far, I do not have any complaints. The neighborhood is very quiet and all of the people are welcoming.
It's turning to crap. All of the garbage from Camden is slowly moving in. So many vacant homes, and more and more renters that don't care about keeping property up. Vehicles and homes are constant casualties of break ins.
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Wonderful town although changes are needed in the educational leadership. Overall the town is great and changes can be made if you are involved in the politics.
Pennsauken township is a very diverse town and has a vide variety of people! There over-all isn't any issues that go on and the neighborhoods are generally friendly.
This town is in close proximity to all major areas, such as Phila, PA, and local malls. It is low-crime and quiet. Perfect for families.
Pennsauken possesses an extremely friendly community who strive to further better the environment and the people. I have never had a significantly bad experience with another person in my neighborhood. Additionally, the schools are outstanding; they are filled with determined and amazing teachers who really express their love for teaching and their students. Conclusively, although the township itself is not excessively funded, the people themselves make the experience of living here worth it.
I grew up in Pennsauken and still live there while im in college. Although I went out of district for highschool, I went to Pennsauken public schools from K-8 and have never had a bad experience with any of the teachers. The elemenatry schools were great (I went to Ben Franklin) and i always exceled in school. Pennsauken is also extremely diverse and has a lot to offer. Growing up my parents always allowed me to walk or ride my bike around town or to school- safety has never been an issue. People are also very friendly and neighbors are welcoming. I am definitely happy to call Pennsauken my home!
I like that it’s a family community. However, Some things that made the community strong such as baseball seem to be dying down or has low enrollment due to many families moving out. Also the opportunity for choice school districts and private schools deplete the community. Pennsauken was so much better than this.
I like the diversity of the neighborhood and I like that this city is safe. Also, I like the fact that it is in close distance to my job and my school. The improvements that I think they should make are fixing the pot holes in the street and cleaning the streets during snow storms.
I've lived here for the majority of my life and Pennsauken is just perfect for me and my parents. It is only 15 minutes away from Philadelphia which makes up for our lack of Nightlife. Pennsauken is so diverse that everywhere you go there will be someone that speaks the same foreign language that you do. During the summer I love to go out and run or bike and Cooper river is literally 5 minutes from my home which is a lovely 6 kilometer circle along the river. The only problem is that it is right next to Camden, which has its stereotypes but people from Camden can easily walk into Pennsauken at night so be careful.
I love my hometown pennsauken. It is a great safe and clean environment. The people are friendly. The schools are great. There are plenty of places to go and plenty things to do.
I have lived in Pennsauken my whole life. Depending on your area it is actually pretty nice and quiet. Most areas are pretty clean and friendly. Their schools are getting better slowly.
I like the sports teams that the schools offer. The coaching staff really love what they do and they are very helpful with student furthering themselves in college.
Unfortunately, Pennsauken is incredibly small so there's not a lot to do here. However, the community is strong and tight knit and there's a lot of places you can access through public transportation nearby for fun activities and events (i.e. Cherry Hill, Philly, Moorestown, Merchantville, etc.)!!
I believe that Pennsauken is pretty amazing. I have been living in Pennsauken for 10 years. I have never had a problem with neighbors, they have all been very friendly. The environment is amazing as well as the stores are very close to get to.
I have been living in Pennsauken, New Jersey for fifteen years, it is a quiet and peaceful town. For more entertainments, you can explore Cherry hill and Moorestown.
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Everything about Pennsauken is great. Its peaceful and quiet, the school are good. They need more funding. But they have really good teaches.
This is quiet town located in close access to many other areas. Pennsauken is a very desirable place to live because it a sleepy little town. There are many parts of Pennsauken. Each part of the township is surrounded by different townships. To the north there is Cherry Hill and Maple Shade, to the south there is Merchantville, Collingswood and up and coming is Camden. There are many corporations relocating there. Besides Pennsauken being centrally located, it is close to public transit and close to Philadelphia and all it museum. Also, one can hop on NJ turnpike to New York.
I moved into Pennsauken after living in Camden for many years. There was a great difference in atmosphere! It is very quiet and peaceful. The people are very friendly and everything is in close range, which is amazing!
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