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I do not recommend living here. Unless you like having your money wasted they love to give tickets for parking in your own driveway! You have to be 10 feet within your driveway otherwise you get a fine. Then you have to pay amenities for the pool and such which is fine. But what the best part is they love to raise the fees every year but yet do nothing to improve the community. For example, they recently put up fencing around the mailbox area and bought new trucks for the maintence people. But yet there are streets here that look like war zones with the potholes everywhere it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve never seen. In addition to the fact they tell you what to do with your own yard such as you can’t have a shed in your yard. Lastly, security is the most useless thing the other thing there good for is sitting around on their phones. I have lived here for less than a year and my house is already put on the market for sale. I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy.
The home owners are held responsible for what delivery drivers do and for other guests for that matter!

So with this being said- you can be fined for anyone using your address to sign anyone in.

also- if a crime is committed by someone other than yourself! guess what! you're guilty!

so with this logic- if someone says they are your guest and they come in and rob houses you are ultimately held responsible!

We had someone come in using our address and they received a ticket for several violations and because the person using our address refused to pay the tickets- we received the citations and were forced to pay for this persons actions!

So i'd stay away if u are looking to buy a house here!
I have lived here for four years, and the rules and regulations in this community are horrible! I and many other residents are trying to sell quick because the rules are so strict you never really feel like you actually own your own home.
The dues are high, the amenities are in disrepair and roads are horrible. The administration and security abuse their authority, look for any reason to fine residents for the simplest offenses to stifle residence life in the community!
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I just moved back to Penn Estates and nothing has changed. It's still a ver good neighborhood and everyone is so friendly.
IT better then were I moved from in NJ
Nothing much really goes on unless you live further into town.
Great place for outdoor activities. Close community and great schools.
Employment is very good, there is alot of retail stores, as well as food stores and other kinds of jobs as well.
Some popular stores around here are Walmart, Best Buy, Jcpenny, Weis, Shoprite, and a bunch of great mom and pop shops.
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