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very nice town and neighborhood really just prim and sophisticated.But the people here can be a bit judgmental the small town is composed mainly of wealthy Catholics and Jews. Everyone knows everyone else's business and can be a bit pompous and self righteous. But at other times supportive and welcoming.
Pelham is great because it engages in people coming together. Growing up here, I've had the same friends since I was 5 years old. From going to school together, playing any sport, and even just hanging out, we have grown a bond that isn't noticeable in areas around us. People get along here and are friendly. In addition, Pelham is a very safe town and a healthy town. There are activities every day that are promoted for you to go out and be active. It's a town that will always be loved and mentioned by me.
There is little to no crime in Pelham.
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Living in Pelham is a very safe and welcoming area
There is always police around and they are quick to arrive to a problem.
It is a closely knit community where there is always a ton of support around any cause.
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