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I like the small town and that we are a close nit community that comes together to help one another regardless of background, income, race. We have amazing coaches who care about us and help us to achieve our goals. We might be small but we are mighty!
There have been some issues with crime and safety. Recently, some students set fire to the high school's principal's house, luckily no one was hurt. They were able to catch the students and dealt with that. The police are always visible and quick to respond to situations.
I think that Payette is a small town and everyone knows each other. I would like to see more things in the area to hang out and have fun. I am still living in Payette but I go to college at the University of Idaho, in Moscow, Idaho.
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Even the low-income housing is very nice. People keep their homes well-maintained and the upper-income housing is gorgeous
The community is full of great people who are always willing to lend a hand. Some of the people may be more negative or antisocial, but the majority remains devout in their friendliness.
The police are generally very friendly, although some may think extremely highly of themselves. These are the ones that you want to steer clear of as they are out to find ways to assert dominance occasionally. One of these men retired and the police force is more or less community friendly and helpful now.
If you find the right groups of people it is fantastic. The school is a great place if your child is good at maintaining healthy friendships. Sports are very inclusive and the coaches are really involved.
The town is small and friendly. The people are usually nice and helpful. There are fun home town events that are fun to go to. I love the apple blossom parade and events that go on.
There are not a lot of activities that go on in this area. The biggest even that I know of is the Apple Blossom.
I see police officers everyday in this town. There is quite a bit of crime that happens in this town. I do not have any concerns.
Payette Idaho doesn't get any extreme weather conditions. It stays around 90 degrees in the summer, below or right around freezing during the winter, and rainy in the spring.
During the day and evening there are quite a few different restaurants available to eat at but at night past 10pm or so there is nothing.
payette Idaho is an okay area for minimum wage paying jobs. But a lot of jobs in payette are already filled.
Payette is a pretty small town. There are quite a few of different small store but I think Albertsons is the most popular store in Payette Idaho.
There are practically no jobs available, when one does come up it's like a pack of starving mice on a crumb of cheese, it is not pretty and the opportunities that do show up are sparse, low paying and not the best conditions, still a job is a job.
There is no real stand out businesses in this area, it is your typical rural group of towns where everyone knows your business but to get any quality shopping done you almost always have to go to Nampa or boise
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