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I've been in Pasadena for my whole childhood, and would highly recommend the town to anyone. There is a massive misconception about public schools being bad but after being in them for my entire K-12 education I can say that they are good. All the high schools offer rigorous courses for AP and Blair offers the IB program.
I went to Pasadena City College and there is just endless things to do. There is alot to do and on top of that there is always new events taking place. There are just so many gems to discover.
Well when I first came to pasadena I thought it was an corky, nose in the air type town. then I began to meet people whom were from the area and the were very nice and chill. I then decided that I would take up a few classes at the pasadena's community college, they were amazing. The people around treated you so nicely. Then I decided to move to Pasdena. Old town has this vibe that homey feeling. Tree's limbs fall down in the night light so beautifully.
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It's a nice city with most major needs such as post office, grocery store, and banks very close and easily accessible. Downtown Pasadena is amazing, but crowded and it's hard to find parking most of the time and makes quick stops to visit places such as the apple store for an appointment, more of a 2-3 hour stop instead of the 30 minute appointment time it was supposed to be.
Nice place to stay with lots of activities and great schools. Caltech and Fuller Seminary are both in Pasadena. Old town Pasadena is a fun place with some high end shopping opportunities. Also, great view of the mountains.
Pasadena is the perfect contrast to Los Angeles and the heart of the San Gabriel Valley. Many famous eateries in LA open their second location in Pasadena and there are a plethora of cultural events, conferences, and festivals hosted in this beautiful and bustling city nestled by the San Gabriel mountains.
I've loved living in Pasadena! It strikes the perfect balance between accessibility to the city of Los Angeles and a quiet suburb.
The city of Pasadena is the best out there it is the perfect comination of a successful city and a city that is very diverse and different in many parts.
Pasadena is a very safe city to live in. The walkability factor is great. It's also a very multicultural city that supports the arts.
Pasadena is a wonderful place to live. I love the quiet neighborhoods and tree lined streets. I would like to see the housing cost become more affordable in the near future.
The crime rate is surprisingly bad. There are only cops around when they are circling the bars to give DUI's while the homeless and drug addicts swarm the streets. Why is the crime so bad at such a nice town? They have not been able to solve this problem for many years.
An overall amazing, diverse community I have always loved. The Rose Court is an incredible opportunity for girls attending nearby schools. Highly recommend trying for it, it's a great way to get involved with the community.
Pasadena has several cute areas and has easy access to tons of retailers and boutique stores. For foodies, this is a great area as there is an endless amount of restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. The downsides are the cost of living and the prevalence of homelessness.
I would like to see other people from my district at Pasadena City College and getting into higher education.
One of the things I love about Pasadena is the vibrant atmosphere. Many shops and restraints and the commute from one end of town to the other isn't horrible. The bus and train system is very efficient and they travel all around town so its a good way to save money and energy.
Pasadena the city of roses it is one of the best cities to grow up in because we have so many different events that take place in Pasadena. We have the Rose Parade, we have the big Rose Bowl game that takes place every new year and all the fun spots such as old town Pasadena.
Once I moved to Pasadena I instantly loved it. I always feel safe, day or night. There are a lot of things to do in Pasadena and in the neighboring cities
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This city is a star in its own right. I mean for being so close to Los Angeles it seems to have its own vibe. It does not need LA. This city is the diamond in the rough of the LA area.
I love how Pasadena is such a family oriented place. There are many restaurants, farmers markets, concerts, and other fun events. There are also some great stores for shopping nearby and they are not lacking in supermarkets.
Pasadena is the place you want to go to if you want to eat good food and explore a stunning modern city with a diverse group of people. I've met tons of friends at Pasadena ranging from Caucasians to Hispanics, Asians, African Americans, Hindus, and Muslims. Great restaurants combined with an amazing company was an experience that only could've taken place in Pasadena. However, there is a lot of traffic in Pasadena and driving around there can be troublesome.
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