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It is relatively safe. The city has been a home to me for many years. I am able to find anything I need usually around the corner.
Pasadena is very friendly neighborhood. Whenever you lose a dog or an animal, they are there to help out and spread the word around.
Pasadena is a home to me. I would be hard pressed to live far away from it. I attended school in PISD and now my daughter will be attending the coming year. PISD is a school district that I trust for my daughter to grow up in.
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What I like about Pasadena is that there isn't a lack of diversity. There are businesses run by different ethnicities/nationalities. Everything tends to be nearby each other so commute time won't take long.
I like how it's the "city" theres many things close by, there's many people near you. But, I hate how much pollution is taken up due to refineries, so much light pollution, I personally love to look up at the sky, and star gaze the constellations, and every single star that is up in the sky. There is also many ugly roads, with huge potholes, some small but still capable to damage your car up a little. Unfortunately living here doesn't give me much of the greatness of being here. Despite all that I feel there is a lot of variates of race, each corner has its different nationalities. So many don't really feel outcasted. It isn't as bad if you're okay with working around all the negatives, and making it to positives.
What I like most about Pasadena Tx, is that everything is easily accessible. My commute time is relatively short. The only downside is the chemical plants that are near by. The air is not the most fresh and not sure if it can cause long term health problems. Nonetheless, it is great to live in temporarily because of the opportunities but definitely not the best area I have lived in.
I’ve lived in Pasadena all my life, but in the newer side. I recommend the newer part than the older because it is safer and more up to date. Has convenience at mind and lots of shopping along with healthcare in mind
I would like to see more of the city adapted into green space. Downtown Pasadena has a lot of abandoned buildings and structures that are outdated. Making more parks, a city garden for free food access, and more trees can make the big difference it needs.
Small town and everything is near by, I like that I don't have to hop on a highway to go the movies or grocery shopping. I like that my family is near vy and not miles away.
My experience here in pasadena is good, i lived here my whole life and there is a varitey of different people. There is plenty of nice people but thr safety can be concerning sometimes. One thing i would likw to change about the area is the druggies, they are a few somtimes and can cause a nuisance to peoples daily lives. Other than that there are plenty of work places and restruants for local teens to work and grown ups as well.
It’s the suburbs in the south: I’d rather be elsewhere but I’m not made of money.lots of trump supporters and churches.
Close to the refineries, plenty of job opportunities for welders and construction. Nothing outstanding apart from that, schools go from bad to high middle level.
Pasadena used to be mainly a residential area, but now it's over-run by retail businesses and shopping plazas. The air is polluted and crime is up.
The city of pasadena is home to many separate schools, PISD is one of the best districts I have attended. It has neighboring cities which are south Houston, and Houston. The community is very diverse in Pasadena. The district even teaches different language courses during high school besides just Spanish. Over time upgrades are seen in the city of pasadena, new homes are being built quickly. Businesses are relatively close and convinient to the area. Downtown Houston is about 15 minutes from Pasadena. I have lived in the outskirts of pasadena for over 10 years. I began attending PISD when I was 10 years old and I have no complaints.
Pasadena is a fun place when you ignore the flaws of the area. Such as roads as bumpy as a hill, with small holes here and there. Plenty of schools for the young children, with parks and entertainment around.
There are plenty of parks to go plays and the community is great the only reason why it’s not rated t stars is because at the park there are soccer goals without nets. That issues needs to be fixed but other than that this city is pretty good. The schools are very friendly and there are plenty of things to do in Pasadena Texas. Neighbors are friendly sidewalks are in place to go on nice walks. The playground at the parks are nicely taken care of.
Busy small city full of all types of people but calm and peaceful. Feels like home after 4 years of being away in college.
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I think Pasadena is a moderate area to live outside of Houston. Not many stores in the area. Alot of schools to attend. I have lived here for 6 years and have never had any problems.
Pasadena has a strong community that powers through any obstacles and challenges faced, including the slightly higher than average crime rate.
Pasadena has a negative connotation, but has had a fairly positive impact upon me. There is definitely a high crime rate, our officers work hard to ensure all of us are protected and never feel racially marginalized.
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