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Parkland is a great safe suberb of Fortlauderdale FL, it is a wonderful area with lots of trees, walking, paths and amazing neighborhoods. All the people are so friendly and so close. everyone knows one another. one thing I would change is to add more local bussiness and shopes.
Conveniently located customer service super . Love Bogo s. Convenient parking
Store is clean and well maintained
I moved her about a year and a half ago, and so far I've yet to find much wrong with it. I used to live in Coral Springs, and it's much cheaper, but also doesn't have many great schools or as many safety measures. In Parkland, I live in a community with guards now, and it feels much safer than anybody just being allowed to come in and out, however they please. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, though a bit too strict now, is an amazing school, with a lot to offer in education, activities, and diversity. Overall, I'd say I'd give my experience here a solid A, because as always, nothing is ever perfect, cost of living is extremely high. But it's worth it, because it's a beautiful place full of beautiful people.
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Very beautiful place to live. Everyone is extremely friendly. Schools are great and close by. One of the nicest cities in South Florida.
Parkland, truly the city of parks. This city is beautifully up kept, the landscape is manicured and roads aligned with Floridian Palms. Besides rainy days you will see the sidewalks lined with those who exercise daily. Parklands residents are polite, considerate and caring for not only themselves, but their surrounding community.
One of the many things that I love about Parkland is how active the residents are! Just driving through the town, you can see many families going for walks, couples playing tennis, and friends playing golf! The town itself is beautiful and is perfectly in the middle of very important cities such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale.
Great place to live.. other than the tragic school shooting it was rated the number 9 safest place to live in america. Its pricey to rent in the area. 2000 plus for a 2 bedrooom 2 bath and other then heron bay you will have difficulty finding anything under 600k. Heron bay has a golf course that is now closed half of the year because of drainage problems which made residents unhappy. The city itself is small and very clean.. the schools all have 9 out of 10 ratings or 10 out of 10. Not much nightlife in parkland but 30 min from fort lauderdale and right down the street from coral springs.
Changes need to be made in many categories. I would like to see diversity in homes, people, and activities. The commute is not bad and usually fast.
I love living in Parkland. It is a beautiful neighborhood that is safe and strong. Even in the aftermath of the tragic shooting at MSD HS the community has banned together to make it safer and even more radiant. The people care about each other and work together towards common goals. We have every amenity that you could think of for just about every type of person and if we do not have it then the neighboring cities do.
One of the best cities to live in ever. I have had such a blessed experience here and have always had a diverse group of friends to engage with. Although many are concerned with the recent shooting here, I can confidently claim that this town and the schools in this area are filled with the best people and staff. Never have I felt safer anywhere else in my life.
Very safe neighborhood but not diverse. Great place to have young kids but after those kids grow up there is nothing to do.
It is a small, safe town and is very family friendly. However, not many places such as fast food and etc. are not available
Parkland is a great family-oriented resident city. It has amazing parks and facilities to enjoy the outdoors. There are great schools. I wish there were more shopping centers and public transportation.
Generally a very safe town to live in (aside from the events of February 14th this year). Lots of wealthy and some influential people live here. Good neighborhoods, however they are pretty expensive. Go east toward the coast or to bigger cities like Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, or Miami if you want nightlife and bigger job opportunities, as Parkland's just a place to live and go to school (if you are in elementary/middle/high school). However, the city occasionally organizes events like 5Ks, concerts, food trucks, etc. at Pine Trails Park. Some cool restaurants have also opened up here for the past few years.
Going into my 8th year of living in Parkland, this community has truly molded into the person I am today. The community is full of kind people and developing into a better community as each day passes.
The Community of Cypresshead is a terrible place to live. There are many reasons but my top reason is because of our Security Guards issue tickets to the homeowners due to the Management requesting it . Cypresshead is an unfriendly Managed HOA. I was issued a $100 ticket for not stopping at a stop sign for a full 3 seconds by the Cypresshead Security. All my friends that live in the community have been given non sense tickets too. It’s very hard to sell your home in this community.
BEWARE of this Place!
I live in a safe and engaging community. The high school I attend has a plethora of options for me to choose from each year. I am fortunate enough to be supported by wonderful teachers.
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Parkland is a safe, family oriented, small community of upper middle class people. When we moved to Florida 7 years ago we were in search for a community with good schools and good people-we found that in Parkland.
Parkland is in-between main highways and between lively energetic cities. Has high end to cheap places to live, eat and entertainment. Easy walking places with dog parks, festivals, farmers markets and horse shows every month.
This region is excellent. First of all, the high school in this region is perfect. The high school provides many academic helps to the students and all the teachers in the school are very kind and accessible. Next, it is easy to get along with the people in the neighborhood. Each neighborhood acts like a big family. In there, we help each other and gain happiness. Our safety is being protected also. When I see the police in the streets, I will feel more comfortable. Our region is also a place for people to live, this region is very quiet and there is not many people in this region. Moreover, the environment here is amazing, the fresh air and green trees all make people satisfied.
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