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Residential roads need to be fixed, there are plenty of dips and bumps. Perhaps some more entertainment events to be made available.
There is nothing special about Park City. There is nothing fun to do there. This city only exists just to hold a few schools for the kids.
Park City is a very quiet friendly town. It is very small but has major necessities within. The town government works to support and inprove life for the residence.
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It is a small town that is know for being home to BTK so it has it's flaws, but since he was found police have stepped up their game in Park City
Everyone in the neighborhood is very friendly and happy to help out when someone needs it. The community is know for being home to the infamous killer BTK and that has beeen hard for it to overcome in the past few years, but slowly it is developing away from that sterotype. It is a safe place to live and a wonderful suburb of Wichita.
Kansas has the hidden secrets and when you find some of them its amazing.
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