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I love this town, it has that small town feel to it. It has a lot of little locally owned shops (bookstores, food, bars, craftshops) and they during the summer they have a vendors on the weekend sales various items with food trucks and and band. The Palmer Bar has the best hamburgers.
Palmer is very community oriented. its a good place to raise kids It can get pretty windy here though
Palmer has a small town feel to it which makes you feel right at home. You can ask anyone in town for just about anything.
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It a great place to live if you wanted to live in a place where it quiet and away from city smells but it have it disadvantage due to the fact that there aren't many opportunities and no malls and it does feel lonely.
As a resident, I love the small town feel of Palmer. The main things that I believe need to be changed are the quality of the school buildings particularly the high school, they are outdated and need to be updated. I would also feel more comfortable with a bigger police presence.
I love how small and quiet Palmer, AK is. It feels overly crowded because of how packed together everyone is, but the community spirit is amazing!
I love going into town, there are many little shops that are adorable and the people are nice and involved. Traffic can be ridiculous every once in a while but where isn't it? It's a great place.
Palmer is a small town with a family-friendly atmosphere. There are a few local restaurants that are perfect for eating out. It has a peaceful vibe yet it is very lively as a community!
Palmer, Alaska is a wonderful town. It is not a big town, so everything very close and its also, family friendly. You can walk around instead of driving, and couple mins away are amazing mountain you can hike with your family. The people here are very kind and generous. You love the wilderness and want a safe place to raise kids? Then Palmer, Alaska is perfect for you.
Palmer is a great place to live. It has a real small-town vibe. I was born and raised here - despite having moved a few times, I always find my way back here.
I do love this small city and all the small boutiques along with it. But it could always use other restaurants and transportation systems.
I love living in a small town. Everything is quaint, and just as you've heard the "small town" vibe to be. Friday nights, everyone in town is at a football game. There are only 4 stop lights in the town of Palmer, and roughly 4,000 people. There is a huge agriculture industry where I'm from, and it is ever thriving. People are kind, and genuinely willing to help.
I just moved to Palmer from Wasilla last year and I love this town! It's a small town with the small town feel. The people are friendly, the shops are small business with very little box stores to compete with.
Palmer has a lot of different age groups. There are many families and lots of kids if you also have any. It is very affordable for everyone and gives people the opportunity to have a nice house with a yard that they may not be able to afford in Eagle River or Chugiak area. There are always different events going on in the middle of Palmer to get the community together that are welcoming to all ages. There are also a good options for restaurants and small family owned business that have a great variety of fun products.
Palmer is an AMAZING city. It is so small but content, everyone is friendly and acts like they have known you forever. Everyone supports local businesses so lots of cute shops.
Palmer is a small town with a family friendly atmosphere. The only thing I would change is making the four way stop in downtown a round about. Otherwise I think the town is quite splendid how it is.
I live in the Butte. The area is nice. We have Freddies and Carrs and many fast food locations. Options are good. The town itself is nice and quiet. Walmart and Target are with an additional 15 minute drive from Palmer.
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Palmer is a beautiful town surrounded by scenic mountains located in south-central Alaska. The town has decent public schools, is relatively safe, and does not require an extremely high cost of living.
Palmer, Alaska is a small farming town only a 1/2 hour drive from Alaska's largest city, Anchorage. Downtown Palmer has an old-time, friendly neighborhood feeling with a bookstore, antique stores, family restaurants, a train depot, an active theatre group, and an excellent community college.
I like the clean environment, friendly people, the school system is apparently a high caliber learning environment. City government officials are open and approachable people. The only negative is that, public transportation is very limited.
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