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There are many things about Palm Coast that I enjoy! The number one thing I enjoy about Palm Coast is the beach! Flagler beach is absolutely beautiful and has some many delicious restaurants and bars right on the beach! Although Palm Coast is small, with a constant growing population, Palm Coast is growing into a booming city with more and more to offer. Palm Coast is expanding, bringing in new company's and restaurants, which is also bringing more jobs into the cities community!
I lived there for nearly a year, but had to return up north for family issues. I would definitely go back! Loved the area, people, weather was just right, a touch of the seasons, and even the hospital and Dr's offices within it looked like a hotel!
Palm Coast is a great place for starting a family. Its a very quiet and quaint suburb. There is little crime and many family owned businesses.
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Palm Coast is a very beautiful and quiet place to live. The schools are very nice and superior to most schools in California. Kids have excellent opportunities to join clubs, sports, and volunteer. The job market is a bit competitive but there are jobs if you need one.
Family friendly living place. There is always something to do with the family. The beaches are beautiful and the restaurants along A1A all have so much variety of food and great atmospheres.
It's pretty small, but I'm glad to have been able to grow up here. Sure there is a lot that could be better and I hope that one day our officials will finally realize that. I love the schools though. The teachers I've had have always gone above and beyond to prepare me for the real world. They have also pushed me past my limits and believed in me when no one else did, including myself. Community-wise, I think it's great. People are usually respectful and even helpful. Our law enforcement is also great. So proud to be protected by such devoted and courageous individuals.
There is a lot in the city without being overly crowded. The trail and sidewalk system is very nice and accessible.
I love palm coast I was able to buy my 1st homw here. I have two children. The school seem to be very safe and the there isnt a lot of traffic it is a small quite little beach town. They have very nice bike trails for the kids and grown ups too. They parks are also a nice charm to the area.
I have been living in Palm Coast for 15 years. I love it here! The people are very nice. The only thing that I would suggest to improve is the street lights.
The sun, beach, and sand are great things! There are a wide mix of people here to bring a wonderful sense of unique culture to the town. There isn't much to do here, as it is most certainly a quiet town, but there are plenty of thing to do just outside of town and, during certain events, at the town as well.
Although there are older people who live in palm coast, I believe they should make this city more kid- friendly. Building more things that the kids can take part in.
Palm coast is a rapidly growing town with many nice places, but when night falls, it is a danger zone. In the last few years, we have lost two teenagers who were on their way homes in the dark, but because Palm Coast didn't have streetlights or sidewalks, they were hit by cars. Michelle Taylor never came home again. Kelvin Smith never came home again. It's been a year and a half and the visibility is still very poor on the roads. Many groups came pleading for lights and sidewalks at city meetings, but the city keeps investing money in other things that aren't as vital as this issue. For this reason, I feel that Palm Coast has caused a great injustice to its citizens.
Palm Coast is a homey town, with lots of people from up north. It is small, and at first glance there is not much to do. But, it is a comforting town, in the center of many Florida hot spots. It is short driving distance from Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Daytona. It has many cultural restaurants and stores, and never fails to deliver a friendly environment. There are several access to beaches, and weekend activities
Palm Coast is a lovely place to live. The public schools are all highly rated with wonderful teachers and administration, and there are plenty of shopping opportunities and family friendly activities. It's a very safe environment with many healthy lifestyle options. However, there isn't a wide range of job opportunities, so it's best to live here while commuting somewhere else to work. All around, a pretty great place to live!
Due to the fact that Palm Coast is a retirement community, there isn't many things to do in the town itself. The best part about living in Palm Coast is that it's 30 minutes away from Daytona and only an hour and a half from Orlando. I also live about 5 to 10 minutes from the beach, which many people would love to have.
Alright, some government money is spent in very poor ways. Few streetlights, inadequate sewer system, outrageous amounts of money spent on unnecessary items.
I have lived in Palm Coast for twenty two years, which is m entire life and honestly I can never see myself leaving. I am currently looking to purchase a home here in Palm Coast because the area is so nice, great school system and ever changing community. Very close to a little beach town named "Flagler Beach" so there are plenty of options for entertainment or activities.
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The town is slowly developing and is having better opportunities for new comers that are moving to palm coast
Palm Coast has been home for me for 30 years, so I have seen how much progress it has gone through. What I enjoy about Palm Coast is the small town feel but still having access to necessary stores and restaurants. Palm Coast wants to make sure that it continues to look beautiful, thus the landscaping around town is nicely done. There are also many places to enjoy nature and walking trails. What I would like to see develop are more sidewalks and modes of transportation.
I have lived in Palm Coast for the last 12 years. I have a love/hate relationship with Palm Coast. I love that it is a small town, but at the same time sometimes it stinks because theres nothing to do. All we have to do here is 1 movie theatre, some what of shopping, and the beach. What really stinks is we have to drive 35 minutes - an hour in order to do anything.
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