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I've lived in Palm Coast my entire life so I don't have much to base it off of. I do know however that I've had great experiences here and love this town.
Busy little city with very little affordable housing and large gap in wages between jobs. Many part time opportunities available but few career worthy jobs. Retirement community. Quiet, clean town.
Moved here from the Pittsburgh area. Weather is great, beaches are clean and the people are friendly. We were excited to find a Steelers bar/restaurant at Flagler Beach. Palm Coast has big town amenities while still retaining a smaller beach-town vibe.
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palm coast needs to add more things for the younger adults. as well as, more diverse job opportunities and better pay. Cannot afford to live in Palm Coast on $12.
I've enjoyed living in Palm Coast for 16 years now. I live in a quiet section of well maintained homes. I have wonderful neighbors. The beach is 10 minutes away and is never crowded. St. Augustine to the north and Daytona Beach to the south. There is never lack of launch sites for my fishing kayak and Redfish is my target. We are also an area that hasn't experienced redtide!
Palm coast in recent years has grown dramatically. We went from walmart being the only supermarket to one of the worst. New places to eat and shop are being built everyday. Houses are expensive and there is way too many older people.
Warm friendly people, great beaches and weather, low crime, good reasonable prices at restaurants, near I95 and US 1, close to airports
I love Palm Coast! It is a nice town. Iv'e gotten to know a lot of people and a lot of close friends. The teachers in the schools are really there to help you succeed.
Its a good town. I grew up here, its very quiet compared to large cities and good for people who want a quiet town or want to retire. Not much to do.
Lots of gangs here anymore, no law enforcement. It use to be so nice 25 years ago, now the whole town is full of renters and section 8 housing. There is a few gated communities that are still nice, flagler beach is still ok. The city basically sold out the place to low lifes
I have been in this town for a little more than half of my life and I can say proudly it is a nice, quiet, and conservative town for raising children. Many town activities that happen that everyone can enjoy. Not expensive at all to live here, even though housing prices are raising due to the population growing.
Palm Coast is a beautiful town. They do have a lot of rules for home owners but every street you drive down the neighborhoods are always neat and picked up. They have variety of restaurants and shopping stores. The cops and all first responders are friendly and get the job done. I have live here for 3 years and now looking to buy a home after travel all over for 5 years. Palm coast is in such a nice location you can travel any where it takes no time to hop on 95 to get where ever you would like to go.
My experience in Palm Coast has been wonderful. The people are incredibly nice. It has a family environment so can people feel welcome. There's a lot of diverse cultures so it makes people feel welcome. The safety is phenomenal, I like to see deputies engaged in the community. The food is really good and not expensive at all. My overall experience in Palm Coast has been wonderful and I hope that others feel the same way.
Fantastic area close to Ocean bike paths and parks. Just South of St Augustine.
Very safe easy to get around town center is growing. Hu
Palm Coast is filled with far-right conservatives who have moved here from New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and other New England areas. The population is now over 100,000 big city a-holes who drive dangerously, scowl at you in public, and scramble at every opportunity to voice their dissent in public forums. A person under the age of 30 will feel like they’re on an alien planet. Children are at risk of Palm Coast’s high suicide rate due to bullying and overcrowding of schools. It’s a miserable place to be, with frequent suicides and murder suicides. I’ve lived here 20+ years and have grown up through all the schools. My parents regret raising us here.
There are many things about Palm Coast that I enjoy! The number one thing I enjoy about Palm Coast is the beach! Flagler beach is absolutely beautiful and has some many delicious restaurants and bars right on the beach! Although Palm Coast is small, with a constant growing population, Palm Coast is growing into a booming city with more and more to offer. Palm Coast is expanding, bringing in new company's and restaurants, which is also bringing more jobs into the cities community!
I lived there for nearly a year, but had to return up north for family issues. I would definitely go back! Loved the area, people, weather was just right, a touch of the seasons, and even the hospital and Dr's offices within it looked like a hotel!
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Palm Coast is a great place for starting a family. Its a very quiet and quaint suburb. There is little crime and many family owned businesses.
Palm Coast is a very beautiful and quiet place to live. The schools are very nice and superior to most schools in California. Kids have excellent opportunities to join clubs, sports, and volunteer. The job market is a bit competitive but there are jobs if you need one.
Family friendly living place. There is always something to do with the family. The beaches are beautiful and the restaurants along A1A all have so much variety of food and great atmospheres.
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