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This is a safe, quiet neighborhood. It's the perfect place to raise children and make sure they have a good education. She's at one of the best elementary schools in Florida, loves her teacher, and has many young children to play with in our neighborhood. Also, everything I could possibly need is less than twenty minutes from our apartment.
Palm City is a very small town full of retired old people. There are quite a few parks and many residential areas and communities but there's is not much to do in Palm City itself. Palm City is more a place to drive through rather than stop on. The closest nearby "hub" is downtown Stuart which is roughly 10 minutes away, and Palm City is about 25 minutes from the beach which is quite nice. It is a very suburban town but the weather is usually nice!
Palm City is a quiet little city with not much to do. The nearby town of Stuart is pretty much one's only option for doing anything remotely exciting. But, even though Palm City is kind of boring, it's my home and I enjoy it. Sometimes the peacefulness that comes with its lackluster excitement can be nice to wind down for a change.
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Current resident after a year of life in Palm city we Are happily moving back to Jupiter! Pretty town with NOTHING TO DO . Nothing . Palm city schools are great up til high school which is Stuart high SCHOOL. Two girls straight A student's til birth until started martin county high ...grades went down depression started. Put them right back into jupiter and hurray all back to high honor roll.
There is nothing within walking distance the beaches are brown st lucie water. People are old or very young families. If you want to play dead this town is for you.
I like Palm city because we have many small family run businesses. The community is local and supportive of each other which I value. Almost everyone is friendly and supportive of each other.
Palm City has such a home like feel to it. The public schools are highly recommended and have a high grade rating. Perfect for starting a family and even retiring! I hope to one day move back or at least live in a town very similar to Palm City!
Palm City is a beautiful town right off the treasure coast. It is surrounded by a variety of shops and places to go. I have always lived in a small beautiful town, and Palm City has been that place for me.
Palm city is truly a friendly and personable town. It's people are generally generous and kind, not to mention it has been a fairly safe section of Florida!
Palm City has great schools, a very close knit community, a feeling of being in a safe environment. From sports to boating and fishing. I feel very fortunate to have grown up in this town. The only thing that I would like to see change is seeing more sports in middle schools and better recreational feilds.
Palm City is a very calm, family place to live. It is a little pricey, but very beautiful place to live.
It is quiet and a wonderful place for families. Neighboring towns are close by. Crime rate is low. People are friendly. I would highly recommend the town to others looking to relocate for a calmer, not so busy lifestyle.
Palm City is a small town with a lot of families. There are a lot of different community activities and events to participate in.
I like living in Palm City because it is not too busy during the day and night. Everyone is nice and helpful. There are close to a middle school and an elementary school for the kids.
I love living in a community that everyone gets along, and has a sense of family. I love the idea of everything closing at 10pm, if you need to socialize it is a short drive to Jupiter, west palm beach south, and port st.lucie, vero beach to the north. We live directly of the turnpike and 95. it is great that we are 100 miles south of Orlando, if you leave here at 7am you can be there by 9am at latest spend the day and still be able to drive back home.
I grew up in Palm City from the age of three till I was twenty-two. It's a great town to raise children in. Unfortunately while I was in high school, we ran out of activities for my age group, so we'd have to go to the other local towns of Stuart, Jensen Beach, and Port St. Lucie. Palm City has grown but only in the amount of thru traffic, mainly because the Turnpike and I-95 both have convenient exits. It's amazing to see how the real estate is still too high, and it still hasn't come down unlike all of the surrounding areas.
Palm City is a nice little quiet town. There are lots of nice neighborhoods. There are also some great parks. One has a baseball field and soccer field. The other has a football field and a skate park. Overall a great town to live in.
I live in Palm City Farms which is a tad bit out of Palm City Farms is great since a lot of the land is 5 acer land plots and livestock. I love the space/ distance away from the city of Stuart. Yet, close enough to town for shopping and schools. It's very laid back but still protected sheriffs and the occasional State trooper on the roads. Over all with the rual country feel life of living, I wouldn't want to live any where else.
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Martin county is ranked one of the top places to live, however it is expensive to live here
The community is mainly old people who retire here from other states. There is not much to do for teenagers
Martin County is probably making the news everyday
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