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Page, Arizona is a very tourist driven town. The most popular attractions in this town are Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and Lake Powell. Many people come to this town to escape big cities. The many different cultures are what makes Page unique.
Page is great small town. The town has many places to hike, swim and explore. If you're an outdoors person Page is a great place for you. The only downsized is that there much to do, there's one theater, no malls, some fast food places, a Walmart and Safeway. Lately, crime has been going up but the town is cleaning up and adding a new skatepark.
This is a great place to vacation lots to do in the area. You could visit antelope canyon tours, horseshoe bend, lake Powell, plenty of hiking and biking. Really nice people in the town.
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Cozy small town where you everyone knows everyone. Just need to keep your head up and in the game. Also a big sports town!
I grew up here, its peaceful and easy. the whole town is about 5 square miles, we have a great fresh water lake, two of the seven wonders of the world and crime is nearly invisible.,
Great Vacation spot, fantastic views of the lake Powell, antelope canyon, and horseshoe bend.. an hour and a half south of Page there is the grand canyon.. beautiful pictures of the sunrise and sunsets..
Page is a small town that I was raised in based on my experience I would say page is family oriented . Great school for the kids to attend this not that many crimes we have couple stores nice view we have a lake
Page, America is a very beautiful scenery town. The beautiful landscape are breath taking. The town is a small town with great people. I meet all different types of people from all over the world. It's a tourist town. Summer time is amazing. People are great and weather is great!
It is a beautiful place to live, surrounded by plateaus and lakes. The best time to be apart of Page would be in the Spring and Summer as the tourist season is busiest then. It is a wonderful place to retire. I, however, would not recommend the schools.
I like that Page, AZ has to offer so much for such a small town. A lot of people take it for granted but living in Page and graduating from the High School has given me so many memories to cherish. It offers sports for kids when they are 4 yrs on up. It has schools from preschool to 12th grade. It offers a branch for Coconino Community College for students who want to further their education. I would like to see more options at the Community College because right now it is limited.
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