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The community is lovely but it would be even more significant if there were more diverse areas. People easily judge the different areas of Oxnard and I hope in the future that these judgments and assumptions are disregarded.
It's a city that I was born in, as an outsider, if I was trying to move here, it would be impossible. This city has become very expensive to live in and seems it's getting worst as the city gets gentrified.
I've been living in Oxnard for the past 7 years and I love it. The beaches are beautiful and the weather is very good.
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Most people know each other. Residents are are nice and easy to talk to. Beaches are beautiful stores and restaurants all close and do t have to drive far.
A hidden gem on the coast. I hate to rate this beach town so high because it's so great. Up and coming area for millennials.
Oxnard may not be the greatest place compared to others, but Oxnard is pretty much home for me. I like it here, I have fun going around the city exploring whatever I haven't already.
I've never lived anywhere else in my life and I love it here because it is very beautiful. I feel very safe in my neighborhood.
Oxnard, Ca is a small agricultural town about an hour away from Los Angeles. The city is growing at a fast rate and the Collection at the Riverpark has attracted a lot of new residents to the area. The Collection area was added in 2012. People come visit from neighboring cities to eat and shop so it is always packed. The Collection is a like an outdoor mall but in my opinion it's better since there's so many places to eat and drink. I went to high school in Oxnard (Pacifica High School) and I will say that I'm not sure if I got the best education. Although, an education is what you make of it, I wish some of my peers were more interested in academics.

If you ask if I would send my children to a school in Oxnard, I would say yes but with a few exceptions. They must be in honors or other extracurriculars that will prepare them for college. Many of my peers in high school did not go on the graduate from a 4 year university.
There is great diversity in Oxnard, amazing shops, and places to eat great quality food. There is beautiful scenery, not only in the area but around.
I've lived here most my life and I've recently been seeing changes happening. Upgrades being done now that have taken a while to accomplish like projects being redone and old streets being repaved. Truth be told, much is still needed to be done but it's a start and I think it gives me a bit more pride in our little ever growing city.
Best place to live in SoCal.

Probably the best weather year round, in not only the USA, but in the world AND its affordable. At least it is right now in 2020. Try to find that elsewhere. Beach Liiife!
I’ve lived here my whole life and the best thing about Oxnard is it’s close proximity to the beach. There are good places to eat here too! However there’s still work to do as far as ensuring every neighborhood is safe for children.
I think its beautiful, i don't see any reason to change it and id totally recommend to someone wanting to stop by.
Small town feel. Not too crowded. Nice beaches and the weather is always great. Traffic is not bad at all, but old locations could use some updating.
I have lived in Oxnard all of my life, its home. I've had some of the best times in this city. Being Hispanic i find it very comforting to have a community who values and appreciates the culture as much as i do. Having the beach so close makes comforting to just have a little escape to relaxation.
I would say the schooling system is average. Oxnard has 4 high schools and all of them are pretty crowded, with a high populated city it makes it difficult to go somewhere where there isn't a high capacity.
There is so much deep history in this town from agriculture to historical figure. This town has come a long way since the beginning and continues to gown more and more.
Oxnard is a large agricultural town that is about 60 minutes northwest of Los Angeles. Whether you're driving to the shopping outlets or your doctors appointment, you'll pass by fields of strawberries, avocados, oranges, bell peppers or raspberries!
Born and raised in Oxnard, I have no plans to leave this wonderful city that I love and I am very dedicated to. Oxnard has things to do, a great Harbor and beautiful beaches. If you love water sports Oxnard is the most beautiful place to do it, with lots of rental available: kayaking, paddle boarding, different size boat rentals, etc. Exercise, go walk the harbor you can clock in 2 miles or more!! We have some great food available: Mexican, Italian, Japanese, American, Toppers name it. I don't consider Oxnard to be unsafe, like any place else, don't be looking for problems and any where you are always watch your back!
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I love Oxnard not only because I was born and raised here but because overall it's a great city with lots of diversity and people who really care about helping the community.
I have lived in Oxnard for 7 years. It is an amazing city with a diverse population. It is an affordable beach town that has many tourist attractions. People have been very friendly and the crime rate is very low. A wonderful place to raise children and grow a family.
My family has lived in Oxnard for generations, from me to my great grandfather. I like to think I know this town fairly well. Out of the cities in Ventura County, Oxnard is one of lower income due to the agricultural area. It's a mainly Hispanic population but it's very diverse. The schools my father's family have been going to are all very reputable and have very good education, Rio Mesa being one of very few schools to offer the International Baccalaureate program. However, it is not the safest place to live, but the crime rates have gone down since 2016. Overall, I think Oxnard is a great place to live, but there are some issues regarding quality of life and income that could be addressed.
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