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Owensboro is very nice town. The city is beginning to evolve and expand. Many new restaurants are available and the people are considerate of everyone.
Owensboro is a pretty small town, full of lots of different people. The school systems have their pros and cons, just like the McDonald's down the street.
Owensboro is a cute little town that is safe and very religious. If you're a young family with small children, or retiring and want a quiet place to settle down , than you'd be happy here. As a young 30s, it is extremely boring. We appreciate the safety for our children, and the good school systems, but as they get closer to high school and college, we will be moving somewhere that has much more opportunity and growth and excitement in the city and community. Here, it is all about who you know.
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Owensboro has a small town feel while being big enough to make changes. Owensboro is constantly developing and growing. My life here so far has been wonderful in all aspects including free time, education, and much more.
Awesome and safe city. Has some of the best bbq around! Also has any fast food joint you could possibly imagine. If you like old towns with older buildings this is the town for you! They have a great kids park right on the river amazing view and great for kids of all ages!
I have lived in Owensboro my whole life, so I know it pretty well. The thing that I love most about living here is there are so many small business up and down every street. Everyone is so nice and very welcoming to anyone moving to Owensboro. One thing I will like to see in the future of Owensboro is that there are places for teens to hang out at night. There are a few places that we can hang out, but we all agree that we would like more.
Everybody knows everybody. The atmosphere down by the Ohio River us always very warm and welcoming. All of the stores are very easy to get to. The city has been expanding and is becoming a very nice city and is very family friendly.
Owensboro is a small town. It offers the advantage of being centralized between several major cities including Louisville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville, and St. Louis. Each city can be reached in 3 hours or less. It's very quiet and with the exception of excessive heat, generally has decent weather.
Its a TRAP TOWN. Getting worse everyday. I CAN NOT WAIT TO MOVE!! Nothing to do for families. Its all about Old Money. All O'boro has is fast food, banks, churchs.
Sad ass community, if you live here GET OUT ASAP.
The food is excellent, the people are friendly, and there is quite a lot to do in this town. Family-run restaurants like Rolling Pin and the Big Dipper add a lot of character to this place, providing Owensboro with a small town feel with a lot of opportunity.
I would like there to be more fun things to do, and less restaurants. There aren’t very many things to do around town, especially when it isn’t summertime. I do enjoy being so close to all major stores, and there are many grocery stores to choose from. Our mall could use some updating, but there are some pretty good stores inside.
Owensboro is a great place to live for families while attending school. I have a kid and she loves her early childhood education center. They also have lots over events around town throughout the year that helps with family involvement. I recommend owensboro as a place to live. Event the cops keep crime here down to a minimum. I love living here.
I love being able to grow up and live in Owensboro. It is not the biggest city, but it is close enough to places like Evansville, Bowling Green, or Lexington that I can take a short day trip if I want to. There are still so many things to do around Owensboro. I feel safe, and I love the community here.
I have lived in Owensboro my entire life. It has a city vibe wrapped in rural taste. There are many attractions to Owensboro, such as the beautiful riverfront, the famous barbeque festival, local colleges such as Kentucky Wesleyan College and Western Kentucky University, and gorgeous parks like Smothers and Moreland.
I like the size of owensboro and the community that supports one another. It is a small city, however it is a great place to live and grow up. Owensboro is filled with tons of restaurants and entertainment. Traffic is never bad compared to larger cities. Owensboro also has several great schools and competitive sports.
It is a fast growing communities with new businesses and construction plans always starting. Overall I have had a great experience living in Owensboro.
Clique-oriented town. Many people are hateful and only care about themselves. Pretty boring and not much to do. Not a variety of options when it comes to food and shopping. Town just feels dead. Can't wait to leave.
I absolutely love it here! There is a lot to do in Owensboro, especially when going downtown. I constantly have a blast when I am hanging out with my friends and family.
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Owensboro is a family-friendly town on the Ohio River. There has been a lot of recent development and is currently still expanding. Owensboro has something to offer everyone - parks for kids and families, shopping, nice downtown restaurants, bars, and unique shops.
I like the family environment. It is kid friendly. I would like to see the high tax rate change and the price of utilities to change. It is hard to live with the amount of utilities.
Loving community who lives in the grace of God! Many projects are done too improve the community. The most recent one was Build a Bed, which was a project that focused in constructing beds for children who don't have one.
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