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I love how it is a very popular suburb, yet some parts give it a small town feeling. My neighborhood has amazing people who value space, and value community. Oviedo has enough going on that there are things to do and places to go but not so much in your face or overwhelmingly so. I love that comfortable, laid-back feel. That there are still plenty of trees and grass around. I hope it stays that way and never loses it's earthy, homegrown feel that makes it so great.
Oviedo is a relatively small suburban town just outside Orlando. Although the infrastructure and architecture of this town is constantly growing and evolving, Oviedo is still home to its quaint memory as a small city home to the famous Oviedo chickens. I've grown up here and find the sense of community quite welcoming. Coming this fall I will be moving to Gainesville for college and can confidently say I will miss my home-town greatly.
Fast growing town with a lot to offer. Good schools and a safe environment in most places. There have been issues with traffic because of poor planning with fast developing apartment complexes. Overall a good place to live.
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I Love Oviedo! It is a huge food hub and it has great schools and is beautiful. The town is very middle to middle upper class and is diverse.
OVIEDO! Born and raised. Such a great place, good people, and good food. I did everything in this area as a kid. From cheer, gymnastic, and dance. They do the best at everything they put out there.
Best schools and friendly people. Close to all. I have lived here for 12 years and have seen this area grow in a positive way.
Oviedo is a growing neighborhood with close proximity with stores like Ulta, Target, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Publix. They also have a lot of great food options nearby like Rock n Brews, Macaronni Grill....
I've lived in Oviedo my entire life. Its a slightly higher middle class area. You need a car to get around in this area though since there's basically no public transportation. Some people here complain about the overall driving skills of the area. I would feel safe taking a walk in most neighborhoods in this city and its pretty peaceful.
I like how Oviedo is very community focused. I wish there would be something done about the roads because the population has grown a lot and traffic is bad.
I love Oviedo because is a quiet city and it's very beautiful and the people are diverse and very nice.
I was essentially born and raised in Oviedo and I have nothing bad to say about it. It is developing quickly right now and will continue to be a clean, family friendly place for people looking to settle down reside in for work nearby. It has been an absolutely wonderful place to go to school, socialize, and grow up.
I have lived in Oviedo for the 17 years. My family chose this wonderful town to settle down in and we have stuck around. I went to elementary, middle and high school in this town and received a wonderful education. The city is known for its great public schools, but offers private schools as well if that is your desire. I also attended Seminole State College (in Oviedo) followed by UCF- which is not in Oviedo, but just on the border (5 minute drive from my house.) Over the past few years, they have upgraded the city in many ways, by adding a downtown area with a park and nice new restaurants. They actually are adding restaurants all around town which were lacking years ago.
I have lived in Oviedo for 16 years and have always felt in a safe environment. The council, officers, teachers, and community are always up to date on everything and care for their city. The city is always clean and consistent on what needs to be fixed. A change I would like to see in Oviedo is to let more trees live. Many construction of houses has been destroying homes of wildlife which is not a good outlook for the inhabitants in Oviedo.
Oviedo is a fairly quiet town. It's most known for housing the University of Central Florida. That portion of the town is more lively, but all other parts of Oviedo are fairly sound and a good place to settle down.
Oviedo is a great place to live and raise a family. People are friendly and the schools are “A” rated schools. There also a lot of businesses so jobs are available. It’s a smaller town so it’s not as busy as other areas, although it is getting to be a busier town.
I love the small town community. It has definitely grown in size over the last couple years, but it still feels homey and quaint.
i love Oviedo because its filled with lovely people and great companies. Ive lived here for 12 years and am so thankful for this city.
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Oviedo was a quaint town. It is now growing quickly. New stoplights appear often, various restaurants and shops open monthly. I have lived here my entire life and have enjoyed it for the most part. The University of Central Florida is nearby. This allows Oviedo to be a melting pot of different cultures and perspectives.
The town is safe with several police always easily spotted. There is not much nightlife. The two popular bars seem like they are catered to high schoolers - which is ironic because they are 18+ clubs.
My friends and I tend to get bored because of the lack of variety. There are not many diverse outdoor activities.
This is a great community for families with young children. I enjoyed growing up here, but am definitely eager to move and explore outside cultures and societies.
Oviedo has some of the best schools in the area, which is important if you have kids. The town is growing, which is great, and home values are on the rise.
While the area is familial and the people are generally nice in the area and there is a balance between urban and city, there is an utter lack of things to do. There is a mall with a movie theater and a park nearby, but that's all in terms of entertainment. The schools are quite good compared to other cities in the state and it is a generally friendly, healthy, and safe area.
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