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During the summer, Oshkosh is home to several large events including the largest Air Show event in the world, EAA AirVenture. Depending on the type of person you are this is either really good or really bad as the events are fun and exciting but can also bring heavy traffic and a lot of hundreds of thousands of tourists. During the winter months, which seems to be most of the year, there isn't a whole lot to do outside.
Oshkosh is a beautiful city with a nice lake and abundant trees. There is little diversity and a huge drug problem. Not many nice homes to pick from or rental properties. The primary make up of people that live in Oshkosh are heavy drinkers and have a lower standard of living. Not much to do except for in the summer.
For a town of 60,000 people, it has fairly good nightlife. Right on the shore of beautiful Lake Winnebago, there are plenty of water sports to take part in, and during the school year, the town flourishes with younger people due to the University. During the summer, however, the town gets a little quieter.
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I really enjoy living of the city of Oshkosh. They have plenty of activities throughout the year; such as three huge concert festivals,fishing tournaments, bowling allies, an ice rink, and a outstanding community events. The city of Oshkosh has provided me with an amazing job and educational opportunities. Although, one of the big things i would like to see change with the city of Oshkosh is renovations to schools and public buildings. Oshkosh is run down and it would be nice to see some areas get fixed up. Overall, Oshkosh is a great place to live and go to school.
Everyone is incredibly friendly, the town is easy to navigate. Just small enough to not feel smothered, but it’s got a big enough downtown area to give you something to do every weekend. Very cheap housing.
Wonderful community. Low crime. Vast array of employment opportunity. Amazing public schools. Perfect for family life. Intermediary between city life and rural life.
I have lived in Oshkosh for 2 years and love all of the activities that are available and most importantly I feel extremely safe here. The nightlife has so much to offer with many bars, the arena, the opera house and much more. There are also many ways to get a safe ride home including a bus devoted to just that. Oshkosh has the EAA event every year, many different musical events and art event as well. I feel that Oshkosh is great for any age and is very family friendly.
I grew up in Oshkosh and heard stories growing up about my parents and grandparents growing up here too. I guess you could say we are a family of Oshkonians, at least that’s what my mother calls us. It is here that I have bonded with family and friends, partaking in snowboarding, soccer, and running. Oshkosh isn't the most exciting town but it hosts some of the biggest concerts and shows including Rock USA, Country USA, and EAA. The prices are low and the people are really friendly here. Some downsides of living here are the nightlife and diversity. I have been fortunate enough to have excellent teachers throughout my education years and to have the broad array of opportunities through school to expand my interests and perspectives that have shaped me to who I am today and has formed who I want to become.
Oshkosh is not a bad place to live a little crowded for my liking but not as bad as Chicago. I found a place that is affordable for a college student an it’s not far from campus.
Oshkosh is a nice area to live with good employment opportunities. Oshkosh has global companies for employment. The city also is home to a University of Wisconsin school - UW Oshkosh. The population is diverse in nature and located between Green Bay and Milwaukee. Changes would be improve the city's infrastructure.
Oshkosh is an somewhat small but perfect community. Oshkosh has lot's too do as well as cities surrounding the area with lot's to do.
Oshkosh has become a new home for me. The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is very accommodating to student needs, provides a variety of resources, and my professors have all communicated well and have been very easy to contact and ask for some help! Most people are very friendly, polite, and social. The cost of living here is fairly cheap compared to many places, and downtown Oshkosh is beautiful! Main Street in Oshkosh is home to stunning, aged, brick buildings, amazing small businesses, great night life, and Farmer's Market! I find that I don't typically run out of things to do here.
I've lived in Oshkosh my whole life. It is a mid-sized to small city but has a small town feel. It is beautiful being right on Lake Winnebago and has many beautiful parks and areas for recreation. Over my lifetime, Oshkosh has grown and is doing a good job of revitalizing the older areas and bringing in new events and activities for an increasingly diverse population. Oshkosh has a rich history and those who live here have a sense of pride and inclusion in their community.
Oshkosh has provided me with a great safe place to grow up. With many public school choices that are great, parks and maybe things to do and see I always have something to do. Downtown Oshkosh has things going on many times and has fun nightlife as well as shopping to do.
Oshkosh is a great college town located on the water. Lake Winnebago makes many of the resteraunts dockside giving a very nautical feel to the board walk. Oshkosh has a cultivated down town with many nice local art and thrift shops to walk or bike and a diverse selection of shops, cafes, salons, health and wellness shops, supper clubs and even a weekend farmers market right main street.
There is a lot to do in Oshkosh and it is a very nice city to live in. Downtown is very nice and lake Winnebago is fun.
Oshkosh is a college town, so there are many students who fuel the economy for the town in the fall and the spring. The town is super family friendly and is very safe to live in.
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I was born and raised in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and I have loved every minute! I have moved around throughout the state, but have always found home back in Oshkosh.
I have made a great network of supporters, the facilities and opportunities are terrific and the overall lifestyle has been positive.
The city is constantly improving infrastructure to make the city safe and appealing. With this comes a lot of new business coming into town that creates more jobs for people and more money for the town. Everyone in town has connections with each other, so it is easy to make a home when new comers move in. The city works together to make sure that there is plenty going on to ensure that the "Event City" keeps growing and changing to the times.
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