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Orlando is a great place to live for my family. We have a lot of parks and tourist attractions. However, I would appreciate more walk areas constructed nearby the highways and streets for those of us who are a one car family, and are used to walking with our children. Streets need to be safe for the children who walk home alone from school. More walk trails would keep our neighborhood safer, and lessen car accidents.
Orlando is a great city to live in because there's various things you can see while you here and the weather rarely chances.
Life here is pretty simple and there is always something to do with eveything the city has to offer.
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There’s so much to do and see. It’s a huge town, with people and good vibes . Lots of traffic but it comes with the large city
Orlando is my hometown and it is the people who make it. I love that my family and friend are there. The places that I have grown up knowing will always be there. Something about Orlando is that is near everything. If you are willing to travel a bit over 30 minutes, then you have access to the beach, theme parks, the city, and the springs.

Something I would change about Orlando is its infrastructure. With access to everything, I must say that the dangers that come with travel are still a risk. There is construction everywhere and I know so many whose lives are at risk every time they commute because of the excessive construction. I would advocate for an improved public transportation system to avoid this.
I like how diverse Orlando is so there is a large amount of tourism. You can meet some amazing people. Most areas are nice and it’s overall fun to enjoy theme parks or other small attractions for a cheaper price.
Orlando has many family friendly activities for individuals. I've lived here for 25+ years and the neighborhoods have changed, especially the downtown area. I feel the grade schools could be much better in Orange county.
Overall Orlando is diverse. From jobs to night life, people to housing, if you have a style or certain thing you're looking for then Orlando probably has it. Unfortunately, this diversity has attracted many people and has made Orlando less desirable. The traffic is terrible, not Los Angeles terrible but a mile could take 10 minutes. Jobs are available but do not pay well. There are a couple Universities and major corporations so research and technical jobs are available. If you're looking for entry-level jobs then those are being taken quickly and do not provide enough income to support the cost of living.
I lived in Orlando my whole life. Its very vibrant and full of energy. The people can be rude at times but I think that's everywhere.
Orlando is a great city with multiple different attractions and plenty of things to do and see! I would love to see some changes in the community such as coming together as one, creating more job opportunities for the unemployed. as well as public transportation such as improving the sunrail and other transportation for the community. more arts and culture Orlando lacks culture for sure.
Before living in Orlando, I used to visit the Disney and Universal theme parks once every six years or so. I always wondered how it must feel like to live in a place where a plethora of people that come from different backgrounds and cultures visit on vacation. I always noticed the number of recreational activities to do and the almost never-ending traffic patterns. Now that I finally live in Orlando, I can say that all that I noticed is what you get, and I would argue that you get more. Living here has given me and my family more peace. My younger family members have received wonderful education and experiences that have shaped them to become the best version of themselves. Moreover, my older family members have received better job opportunities than the place we used to live in. There are more pros than cons of living in Orlando. The major con is the highly congested roads, but I have learned to accept the long hour drives, but I refuse to accept the traffic jams.
The city is packed with a wide range of people. There's often amber alerts and road chaos after 10 pm. Several people are nice, while others aren't. It's your average divide between the middle class and poor.
Great place to live! Family oriented and lots of things to do. Very affordable, nightlife is great and gorgeous!
Orlando is a beautiful city that is a great place to raise a family. Though, like any city, it is well-deserving of a modern policy change.
Orlando feels like a small town, but it is growing. Heavily reliant on tourism, so there are a lot of people from out of town.
I have been living in Orlando since 2006. I love it here and I am glad I moved from New York to Orlando. The lifestyle is less rushed. Orlando is up and coming and I can't wait to see what else the future holds for Orlando.
Whenever I think of home the first thing that comes to my head is the city of Orlando. The most prominent features of this bustling city are the diverse population and a plethora of activities to do here. Whenever someone asks me where I come from and I say Orlando the first thing they say does I go to Disney often. Yes, I love Disney but, Orlando has much more than just Disney to offer. Orlando has many different restaurants that range from unique flavors and cultures. Orlando sees so many tourists each year for good reason however, not everything is perfect in Orlando. Because of the high population, there is a lot of disagreement on things such as politics. Also, Orlando serves as one of the main hubs of Florida which leads to a lot of protests and riots downtown which often make the news. Although none of these things takes away my love for the City. One important thing that I must mention about Orlando is always growing and improving in many areas.
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Great place for meeting people from all over the world.
We have lots to do in nature and of course all the parks. You have all the perks of a major city, but you also can feel like you are in a small community in the way the neighborhoods are set up. Great medical fascilities and very good universities are very close and within the city. The beach is only 50 miles away plus the incredible Kennedy Space Center.
There is so much to do! Orlando caters to families, and young adults in so many ways. From theme parks to a one of a kind restaurants to bars!
Orlando is a beautiful city with a diverse community that been resilient through many hard times. With the expanse of arts, sciences, schools, and technology in the area, unique people are only steps away. However, these people often find it hard to connect with each other because of the large community and urban features of the city. I would love to see Orlando's residents interacting and coming together more often as we did in the case of the Pulse nightclub shooting and the Black Lives Matter protests. In these times, Orlando came together as a force of love, inclusion, and progress. As we continue to grow as individuals and members of the Orlando community, I hope we strive to continue to express our power as a community beyond the immediate response to incendiary events. If we, as a community, are able to continue to connect with one another to speak as one voice, we can influence not only our community but possibly our country for the better.
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